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DAVIDONI ® magnetic products have been designed to help you lead a healthier life, fighting pollution, disease and stress. In this category we invite you to try: the magnetic bra, octograma multicompozit, the energizing mask, the magnetic insoles, the magnetic collar and the magnetic belt.

Choose a healthy life!

Here’s an epochal invention to reduce vehicle consumption or energy for homes! The quantum amplifier guarantees substantial savings for your car and your home.

Save smart!

The anti-radiation phone shield and the anti-radiation phone pouch helps in the fight with electromagnetic radiation. Choose an 100% eco agriculture with the organic magnetic fertilizer which guarantees an increased productivity compared to chemical fertilizers.

Live in harmony with nature!

Ioan Davidoni

The inventor Ioan Davidoni

In my work of 33 years in industry as a metrology specialist, of more than 90 inventions and innovations made and applied, all were for the good of man.

Likewise, these inventions and products shown on the site, I realized them all for the good of man, especially to counteract the effects of pollution on human energy body.


S.C. Davidoni-Invent S.R.L. was founded in 2003 to make available to the public inventor Ioan Davidoni ideas. Currently you can find some of the products invented brand-Davidoni major cities.

Gold and silver rewarded products at the most important Fairs of Inventions in the world are at your disposal with a simple click. Please investigated in detail both products available for sale, and consumer opinions.

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