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General information – Magnetic Belt

At the arm level, the human body has a meridian ring, disposed on horizontal paths and is related to all over the body and there’s close to over 40 acupuncture points that are working through massage, acupuncture, moxibustie, electropuncture, magnetic stimulation and emission of acupuncture and bioenergetics in bionergie offices. Due to the special importance of the meridian energy treatments most exercise and begin to stimulate the meridian ring.

Meridian track belt, the lower abdomen chakra is 2, where the primary energy center and accumulated throughout life. Here we collect, cultivate, condenses and refines human energy, spreading throughout the body through meridians, fueling ATP cells, holding energy.

The magnetic belt is made in order to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points of the area by magnetic microcamp.


The micromagnetic material of which the belt is made, according to the invention was awarded the Gold Medal at the Geneva Inventions Fair in 2005. The novelty of the invention is the use of crystals with high magnetic properties, in series in polyvinyl foam material, the inventor of the measurements infoenergetice setting optimal concentration of particles and magnetic resonance magnetic field which is 4 GS and acts gently and effectively on microcampurilor, bioelectrical of points acupuncture and the human energy body, generated over 400 million and terrestrial cosmic particles that pass through the human body every day (and by every creature and vegetation) than metallic magnets 400-3500 GS classical values, use so far and often coarse acting on the energy body.


The magnetic belt is a potent greenhouse magnetic quantum increase in human energy.

It is known that in the last century the earth’s magnetic field was reduced to half because of pollution and deterioration of the ozone layer and a good part of modern human diseases is also due to this. It is a recent conclusion of scientists as a result of health surveillance astronauts.

Currently a majority share of the population has an energy field of 20-25 cm, which generates chronic fatigue and weakened immune system. An optimal energy field must be at least 40-50 cm. At this level a field man feels a state of bliss and has a high physical and mental tone. Magnetic Belt solve this energy micro-portal stimulating acupuncture points and meridian ring.

Some of acupuncture points of the action of Magnetic Belt

  1. impotence, infertility, bloating, thyroid, stress, prostate
  2. hangover, insomnia, rejuvenation
  3. dizziness
  4. hypertension, autonomic system, increasing concentration power
  5. digestive diseases, gastritis
  6. constipation, diabetes, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the mouth, eczema
  7. prostate, hair loss, enuresis
  8. polio, menstrual pain
  9. weight loss


  1. impotence, sterility, liver, thyroid, paresis, epilepsy, stress, numbness of the hands, prostate, menstrual pain, acne, drowsiness
  2. hangover, insomnia, hypertension, bronchitis, sciatica, bedwetting
  3. constipation, bloating, back pain, spinal pain, frostbite, paralysis, rejuvenation, increased concentration of power
  4. stress, eczema, polio, menstrual pain
  5. back pain, spinal pain, feeling of heaviness in the legs, vitality
  6. hemorrhoids, menstrual pain, hair gloss, smooth skin, weight loss
  7. polio, fatigue
  8. foot pain, hip pain

Beneficial effects


The versionMagnetic belt is applied over waist 10-15 minutes.

The version Magnetic tape for spinal column is applied 10-15 minutes, over clothing or person is on bed and spreads her column.

This invention does not make a diagnosis and does not replace the doctor’s recommendations!

Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Brand)