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Patents and inventions

Innovations applied and contracted with S.C. Stitom S.A. Timiş County

1. Heat Exchanger

Innovation 29/1986

Presentation: We recovered the heat from the flue gas from the annealing furnace basket. Recycled heat heats the water needed for the technological flow in the SLAIF and GRAVUR sections.

The water was stored in an 8-ton tank mounted at 8 m high on the roof of the section. The plant operated through hydrostatic pressure in the grid, so it does not require pumping.

We’ve calculated the transfer area so that the plant works at supersaturation level to not exceed 40 ° C, and in the event of a water supply disruption, the water in the heat exchanger does not reach temperatures boiling.

We also provided 3 protection systems.

The installation provides 80 tons of hot water a day.

2. Tempering of glass melting furnaces by reverse circulation

Innovation 118/1 – 1981

$ 81,000 Economic Effect

Presentation: We used this method to indirectly heat the refractory blocks in the furnace melting tanks or CORHART blocks that were very sensitive to thermal shock during tempering.

Applied to 18 ovens with a melting surface of 10 square meters.

Ensured clean glass from the first day of operation.

3. Device for fast annealing curves

Innovation number 118/2 of 1981; Contract 2123 of 1992

$ 187,000 Economic Effect

Presentation: Device we introduce with tunnel products indicating my maximum tunnel temperature. The device was 10x10cm. Compared to outside measurements by thermocouples, we could set the key element and take the necessary technical measures. I managed to reduce glass breaks from 10-12% to 0.1-1%.

4. Movable curtains for annealing furnaces

Innovation 52/1986 .; Contract 2524 of 1992

$ 379,000 Economic Effect

Presentation: At the exit of the annealing tunnel there were large heat losses I managed to stop these losses by 20% through a network of LAMELY FLOORINGS made of lightweight and heat-resistant materials, these curtains were opened by moving products and closing by their possibility of oscillation.

After 15 years of operation on 4 annealing furnaces with a 3000 to 4000 product / furnace / day turnover, the curtains did not show signs of wear.

5. Path trainer for glass industry products

Innovation 118/3/1981 .; Contract 2123 of 1992

$ 603,900 Economic Effect

Presentation: The unit produced 16,000 new models – produced per year.

Each product had some allowances to be respected. Until quota setting and stability were established, 4-5 products / model were lost. There were a lot of complaints about export products, especially for large products such as diameter and height. Something had to be done about it. I’ve made a tracking trick for each section. This rider solves three problems from the start – checks the products’ planety, their height and the pitch for the offset. Products with a diameter from 0 to 500 mm and with heights from 0 to 500 mm could be measured. For each product model, total sample losses were eliminated. There have been no complaints in the next 20 years of exploitation regarding product shares.

6. Portable thermoset for fast temperature measurement

Presentation: We had portable devices that measured temperatures, but the measurements depended on the replacement heater’s eye and the battery status of the devices. We often find big errors on the ground. I had to do something that did not depend on the operator and the batteries. I was able to make this portable thermoset that worked without batteries and without operator intervention

It worked through the thermocouple voltage and reading the values ​​was directly on the screen of a small device. It could easily be used by any operator. The machine’s weight was 400g.


1. The wind power plant

C.B.. OSIM of 24.04.1980 (I could not pay my wages beyond my salary)

The power plant operated from 1973 to 1996. It entered the NATIONAL RECORD BOOK in 1981

Presentation: has a height of 9 m, the 6-inch aluminum blade with a diameter of 3 m, 24 V and 800 watts, 2 12 V / 120 A batteries, and on the circumference. It had a load drift and a drift of protection that was opened by a pilot drift through a spring system and a ratchet to take the whole out of the direction of the wind when it passed the optimal speed. The control panel ensures the battery charge and protection of the batteries. He fed the cottage to my parents at the foot of the Poiana Rusca Mountains.

2. The heat recovery installation for glass melting furnaces

Invention Patent 106288 of 1993.

Silver medal in Brussels 2001

Presentation: The plant recovers heat from the top of the basket from the glass melting work area, at 12 m height and other areas of the plant, with a total of 9 different heat exchangers, which brought the air from the atmosphere through these heating zones onto two 500 mm diameter pipes at the bottom of the furnace into the secondary air channel. The installation was run without a fan. It delivers 2500 cubic meters of hot air per minute at 150 degrees C. The consumption of the oven has been reduced by 8-10% conventional fuel

3. The process of adjusting the glass melting furnaces

Invention Patent OSIM 106872 of 1993

$ 10,000,000 for glass products made between 1972 and 1996

Presentation: in the years 1971 to 1972, it was the use of CORHART, for glass melting furnaces rather than solo. Those in the chamot have 1 year guarantee, those in the 2-year corhart. Two furnaces went to six months. The director instructed me to find the cause. He gave my free hand and found the cause. All furnaces from then until 2000 worked perfectly, between 4.5 and 5 years with good glass. At one of the valves I managed to hunt for nine years. In 1972, we received the first approval for this invention. Approximately 4 patents of 4-5 claims were required to describe the entire process. I patented some of the procedure. There is complex parametric interdependence, dependence and atmospheric parameters. I also managed to get clean glass for export in 8 work gates out of 9 existing, compared to 4 pre-export gates and 5 internal gates. Worldwide, this issue is not yet resolved. In Bohemia, 2 years ago a new furnace under the same reason, in 2010 in Poland was stopped a factory for the same reasons. I have colleagues who worked in these factories – that bottlers have confirmed this to me.

3. Antistress shoe

Invention Patent 108758 of 1994

Presentation: I already had some levels of initiation in Tibetan medicine techniques, and I could measure human aura and even see it in special situations. We have noticed large differences in auras in men and even low / global in the population than they should have been. I found the solution that can increase the aura from 30-40 cm to 60 – 100 cm by using special magnetic elements, not the classic ones. We calculated the concentration of the elements and the magnetic intensity necessary to not be harmful to humans.

5. Recovery facility for oil products on the surface of water

Invention Patent 109049 of 1994.

Gold Medal in Brussels – 2002

Presentation: After some major maritime catastrophes on TV, I came up with the idea. We have basically made small-scale coarse collection cells and irrigation absorption cells on the surface of the water. The collection cells have elements of materials that can separate the oil from the density by density, after the collection, the cells are closed and the oil remains in them. Emptying is provided by an automatic mechanism. The operability at the level provided by the invention is 80 tons / minute / arm, a vessel provided for this purpose would have 4 collecting arms. Experimentally, in Bucharest in front of the interested committee, 2 liters of crude oil were placed in a bucket with 10 liters of water, in some maneuvers we collected oil, including irrigation, and could drink water from the bucket. I submitted a financing project with I.P.A. Bucharest and was rejected by three points, instead of 72 points we got 69.

6. Antistress shoe with oscillator

O.S.I.M. – C.B.I. A / 01098 of 2000

Invention Patent 119921 of 2005

Presentation: Many manufacturers have recourse to the use of classic permanent magnets with high intensities, their benefit is 5 – 15%, we have recourse to stimulation of nerve endings in the soles with a small electromagnetic field intensity and low frequency up to 1000 Hz. The benefit is over 95%.

7. Vibrating shoe

O.S.I.M. – C.B.I. A / 00969 of 27.08.2001

Silver Medal Brussels 2002

Presentation: A vibrator with a power rating of less than 50% compared to the limits of consumer protection, measured in vibration-specialized laboratories in Timisoara, we inserted them into the shoe sole, power supply in the heel, contact with the weight of the foot. Static is used, stand on an armchair ½ – 1 hour. Ensure a pleasant massage of the soles and good comfort by stimulating nerve endings in the soles.

8. Wind Rotor

Patent Invention 120725 of 2007 – assigned to the Polytechnic of Timisoara

Bronze Medal – Inventika Bucharest 2009

Presentation: Vertical Axis Rotor, Load Pallets and Internal Pallet Efficiency. Does not require directional derivation or gearbox. Transmission is on a new principle and is very compact. It is suitable for small and medium power. It operates at low wind speeds of 3 to 5 m / s. common sizes in our country. Classical rotors need speeds of at least 8.5 m / s and optimum of 11 m / s. We do not find such values, rarely, in the Dobrogea region.

9. Unlimited power storage

O.S.I.M. C.B.I A./00971 of 27.08.2001

Presentation: is a low loss friction mechanical system with multiple protection. In small-scale tests, they were able to feed a 500 W / 220 V resistor at optimum conditions, via a CFR generator with a reverse transformer. The system allows for unlimited energy storage even for MEGAWATILOR powers for peak hours in the national system.

10. Vibrating magneto – vibrator

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A / 00249 of 05.03.2002

Bronze Medal Eureka Bruxelles 2004

Presentation: Inside a magnet we inserted the vibrating element powered by a 3V source. All of the mechanism was attached to a compact silicone suction cup. We invented the invention to stimulate the basic acupuncture points on the meridian of life. According to bioastrology, we each have a meridian of our own life, corresponding to the date of birth. There are textbooks that show this. Each meridian has 5 base points on the path of Yu = input Qi, BO = accumulation QI, GO = Qi setting, Gen = QI equilibrium, horizontal meridians, Sei = Qi activation at the vertical meridian insertion points. The invention has been tested by experienced physicians and long-time physicians in Timisoara. The effects are very strong and immediately feel the balancing of the meridian.

11. Vibrator bra

C.B.. A / 00250/2002

Ingenius Budapest 2004 Medal

Presentation: Attachable mechanism to any bra through a compact silicone body system coupled with microvibration elements, a 1.5 V source and a mini-breaker. Tested on countless women, it has confirmed the relaxation state induced by the vibrator system. The system was designed to relieve breasts to prevent breast nodule formation.

12. Pouch and electromagnetic radiation shielding system

C.B.. A / 00140 / 21.02.2003

Geneva Bronze Medal 2004

Presentation: There were TV notifications about G.S.M antenna harm. electrical cables near homes, mobile phones. I then had the ability to measure human aura with and without a cell phone in my pocket. With the phone switched on in his pocket, the Qi field of man is negatively influenced. Something had to be found to replace the impediment. We have made a leather pouch with a special magnetic particle insert with wide frequency spectrum on the inner side. At spectral analyzer measurements carried out at the Department of Telecommunications Timisoara with the Dean of the chair it was found that shielding is over 80% without affecting the operation of the phone. In 2005, therefore, two years after I have proven this, the UK’s Mobile Telecommunications Research Laboratory confirms that the “X” magnetic substance (used by me) reduces the radiation of cellular radiation to zero. “Liberty newspaper 27.01 .2005 “

13. Power generator with residual current excitation

C.B.. A / 00189 of 21.02.2003

Presentation: at the Hydro Power Plant that I made in 1977 for the Timis County Timber Coal Harness we used a 24 V 5 Kw CFR generator with a high voltage transformer, the excitation with a battery, we adapted a 24 V 100 W tram fan motor to the generator shaft with a rheostat ensuring the required tension without the bearings being worn out. The television came and I had to resolve the technical problem urgently. We have amplified the residual current that is 0.8 -1 V of the generator, using parts from an Albatros radio, the generator started to work well, then we have put together two variants, claims, one by electromagnetic amplification and two with power transistors. That’s how it worked over 10 years, feeding 3 forest and forest huts with 40W / 220V neon lights, light bulbs, radio outlets.

14. Heat Recovery Plants in Apartment Plants

C.B.. A / 00019 of 18.09.2004, currently being divested for the Polytechnic University of Timişoara

Presentation: We recovered heat from the chimney gas through a switch of tubular heat from good conductive heat. Recovered heat of about 120 degrees C through pumping, we took it to the bottom of the flame on an auxiliary duct mounted inside the boiler. The fuel reduction is 10%.

11. Magnetic antistress brace

C.B.. A. / 00149 / 21.11.2004

Patent Resume 2004

Geneva’s Inventions Gold Medal 2005

Presentation: Made of anti-slip, anti-sliding, magnetic layer, venting and magnetic ring microchamp, provides the user with the first minute of feeling well, and increasing the aura from 30-40 cm to 80-90 cm

16. Protective screen for mobile phones

C.B.. A / 00077 of 31.01.2005

Bronze Medal at the Eureka Bruxelles Fair 2007

Presentation: When using your cell phone, cells in your brain increase activity 11 times (studies in Sweden) after 5 minutes the entire brain is alert. After 20 minutes of use, the Qi field of the head decreases from 30-40 cm to about 15 cm even below these values ​​(on my own measurements) made on me and my friends. Something had to be done, we made several types of screens with different concentrations and different materials, fixed on different parts of the mobile phone. We have found a final shape that fixes the battery and reduces 80% interference with the human brain. Values ​​confirmed in laboratories in Timisoara. Cluj, London and Vienna (measurements in Military Laboratory in Vienna 2010).

17. Magnetic Energy Glove

C.B.. A / 00505 of 27.05.2005

Bronze Medal Fair Eureka Bruxelles 2006 and

Zagreb Bronze Medal 2007

Presentation: In Tibetan medicine techniques there are ways to reactivate the Qi flux from the meridians in the body – organs and organ systems through certain palm movements, their massage, etc., at hands over 90 of acupuncture points. The average patient does not have access to these techniques. However, to enjoy a state of bliss, I made this comfortable magnetic glove with elastic texture, magnetic crystal insertion and ventilation holes in the arrangement of the meridians. The human energy field increases to over 1 m in 5-10 min. The invention has been tested by acupuncture physicians and cardiologists who have given their opinion for their effectiveness.

18. Magnetic Glasses

C.B.. A. 00863 of 13.03.2006

Presentation – The magnetic stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians to reactivate the Qi flow to the correlation organs is often practiced. Around 50 acupuncture points around the eyes and most of the meridians have traveled in their area. Magnetic glasses, made in 2 variants, inserted special magnetic elements into the frames with appropriate polarities. They were tested and / or made energy-efficient measurements that prove their efficiency.

19. Magnetic Energy Mask

C.B.. A / 0068 of 25.08.2006

Presentation – the face is the mirror of man’s energetic state. Of the 720 body acupuncture points used in 360 treatments are on the face. the mask covers the whole area of ​​interest. The mask is made of expanded polyvinylic material with magnetic element insertion, having micromagnetic field forming holes, sacrosimbolic configuration, which increases energy efficiency to over 120%. By using it by thousands of users, unexpected improvements and healings have been confirmed.

20. Organic (liquid) magnetic fertilizer

O.S.I.M. C.B.I A / 00496 / 13.07.2007

Silver Medal Fair Invention Bucharest 2009

Geneva Bronze Medal 2010

Presentation: Because of global pollution. all that is on the surface TERRES responds to this aggression – living beings, but also vegetation. By the infoenergetic measurements and by measurements on biorezonance appliances, made on fruits, vegetables and plants we noticed a reduction of their aura. By testing on crop plants, reference plants, and magnetic fertilizer plants, we noticed a positive influence on plant evolution, namely the increase in aura of 3-4 times, that diameter around plants that has a positive effect on fruits, increasing energy vital life as well as their retention times. I tested tomatoes, carrots, cherries, ripe grapes and pears. Four years after application on the soil, it retains its positive effect. The invention was made in small series, thanks to its modernization and obtaining inventions in better ways.

21. Magnetic Construction Materials – MAGNETIC HOUSE

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A / 00015 of 05.11.2008

In the course of assignment to Polytechnic University of Timisoara.

Presentation: The gamma tellurium radiation in 1986 was 200 million square meters per hour now is 400 million square meters per hour, the cosmic levels reached 1 billion square meters per hour from 600 m / m square / h. All of this is caused by pollution and its effect on the ozone layer. The Qi energy of the planet has fallen to 40-50%. On the Earth, the percentage of serious diseases in the population has increased considerably. With both domestic and over-the-counter patients (England, Spain, Germany, Austria, Egypt, India), we noticed a drastic reduction in human aura but differentiated by dwelling in which he lives. Thus, in concrete homes there are 80% due to severe diseases, 15% in brick houses and 5% in wooden houses. Human ATP cells detaining Qi. vital, have less and less energy. In order to counteract negative influences on man coming from the working environment (offices, halls) and housing, the invention was created, which is made up of a composition of crystalline magnetic elements in optimal concentration of resonance with the cosmic, tellurium and human aura particles , magnetic elements are inserted into construction materials (tile brick, concrete paints.). It reduces the ambient radiation by 80%.

22. Magnetic Medical Pills

O.S.I.M. C.B.I..A. 00497 of 13.07.2007

Presentation On Earth, classical chemical drugs bring 260000 deaths annually through allergic reactions. The invention has been made to meet this situation, acting on important points on the energy meridians. The pills are in a 12-piece set for each 1 pillar meridian. The accompanying instructions allow the user to easily use them. The pills have a silicone bindable, which allows the multiple paste and detachment of the pill from the target acupuncture point. They are thin that a film and very elastic. Contains magnetic elements with a wide spectrum of frequencies and appropriate magnetic loading. Testing, small series.

23. Magnetic Stimulator for Agriculture – Coauthor

National Priority Certificate

O.S.I.M. 1014/153 of 08.06.2010 C.B.I. A / 00432 of 2008

In the extensive researches we have carried out over the last years in the desire to restore the aura of the fruit trees and shrubs in my orchard, namely to bring it back to the parametric value before the massive pollution on Earth began until the years 1900-1910 when the dimensions it was 3-4 times higher, we successfully tested this invention on Cherry, Peri, Vine, Currants. After 3 years of application, the results are preserved, the fruit sugar has increased by 30%, the production by 30% 50% and in the currant from 20 to 30 grains per herb rose to 70 -80 grains per grain see on the site, the photo with the real situation. The invention consists of magnetic tape with a certain magnetic intensity which stimulates the plasma body of the vegetation (trees, shrubs, etc.). Powerful classic magnets do not have this effect.

The invention is produced in small series at the request of those interested.

24. Custom Magnetic Card for Human Energy Harmonization

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A. / 00305 of 14.04.2009 coauthor – group of physicians specializing in biorezonance

The degradation of modern bioenergy layers is known from external causes: pollution, combustion, electromagnetic pollution that increased 400 million times over 1900, radioactive pollution, global psychological pollution (psychotronic actions, planetary karmic, continental karmic, collective karmic and personal karmic) and the decline of spirituality modern man. For example, on average, the modern man has a 40 cm aura, in the 1900’s was 100 cm, the unspiritual man has a 25 cm aura, the spiritualized man has 40 cm, the spiritualised aura of the man is 60 to 80 cm. The invention has been made for the growth of human aura and personalization according to the date of birth and the meridian of life. The personalization is done by vibration information, with the RAYOCOMP POLAR 1000 biorezonator. The card operates in a 2 m radius and has the effect of simply wearing it in the pocket. The invention is made from a card on which a multi-composite tape type DAVID MAG (Davidoni brand) is attached. It was done at test level, small series. Positive Effects!

25. Multicomponent magnetic granules for agriculture – coauthor

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A / 00929 of 02.11.2009

It has international protection

In covering the whole spectrum of vibration in the aura of vegetation – trees, shrubs, cereals, vegetables, we tested several elements in proper concentration, both natural elements with a purity of over 98% and special magnetic elements. The binding elements are polyvinyl, providing long-term soil exploitation of injected and magnetized granules. The invention is manufactured in a medium series. It is applied to dozens of small fields in different areas of the country where they have been requested and where we went personally for the administration of magnetic fertilizer, measuring the aura of plants before and after administration. The fruits obtained were measured on biorezonated equipment and were found to have the energy correction capacity of diseased organs. Chemical analyzes of 40 elements of magnetic fertilizer fruit have confirmed this. It has been shown that live compounds, 14-fold terpins, twelve-fold, four-spindles have grown, these are the elements that rejuvenate human cells. Iron increased by 60%, zinc by 25%. Magnetic fertilizer can be used on any agricultural crop. The warranty period for magnetic granules in soil is 15 to 20 years. Magnetic fertilizer reduces radioactivity by 40% around plants. Confirmation at Discovery TV many years after I have proven this.

26. Computer Shielding Mode

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A / 00023/2010

CESIONAT for the Polytechnic University of Timisoara

Tib Inventica Gold Medal of Bucharest 2010

Computers, mobile phones, office electrical cables, dwellings etc. are extremely harmful to humans. Being logged in the past decades has not yet known the negative effects and complexity of modern humans. More than 550 scientific communications have emerged worldwide, drawing alarm signals. Two of the hundreds of hundreds of exposed cases, pregnant women working on computers 8 hours a day risk having 20-30% of them with autism (there are cases of patients in Timisoara with this situation), there have been noticed loosening of the reed, deformation of glasses etc. This is due to the fact that all electrical equipment has a gray plasma body that vampires the red-orange plasma body of the user as well E.M. they break through the human defense system. The invention has the ability to neutralize these aggressions, has passive oscillation ingredients, electrolytic elements and creates a yellow plasma body around the screening module.

Reduces E.M. It is used for computers, microwave ovens, G.S.M antennas. and so on Small series production = 5000 pieces, distributed to different institutions for market testing.

27. Subatomic particle stimulator

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A / 00362 08.05.2009

Inventica Silver Medal of Bucharest 2010

Studying the fluid body of the fluid. water, gasoline, we have seen a drastic reduction, and international studies of the crystalline water configuration confirm its degradation due to global pshice pollution. We have found the solution by this invention to find by means of information energy and extensive experiments the elements and concentrations necessary to bring the parameters of the liquids at the initial level. The invention is applied to the liquid transport ducts. The invention applies to dozens of locations. The invention is produced in an average series for fuels and water.

28. Octagram PAKUA multicompozit for human energy harmonization.

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A.00921 / 12.11.2009

The planet is extremely aggressive – the last century has set a footprint disaster on her. Recent international studies confirm the decrease in immunity and resistance to exercise in both humans and animals. In the last 20 years, the behavior of the deer and bison in Yellowstone PARK USA has been studied, the conclusion 02.10.2010 on TV ANIMAL PLANET: “We do not know what happened in recent decades with animals, have low resistance to effort and unknown diseases in Past “ And they are subject to global pollution aggression, the aura is diminishing. The aura feeds energy-destroying ATP cells, which provide food to the body’s cells. In the face of this desideratum for man, we realized the present invention, a combination of elements of sacro – symbolism to counteract global psychotronic actions and elements of human aura up to 200 cm. The octagram sticks to the purse or simple wearing in the pocket, provides protection. Used by dozens of users, everyone confirms its positive effect. It is a finished product, manufactured in small scale can be used by gluing to medications, canned, beverages, water, etc.

29. Quantum Amplifier

O.S.I.M. C.B.I. A / 00588 of 06.07.2010

Silver Medal TIB INVENTIKA – Bucharest 2010

Seeing the effects of inventions in the quantum field, which I have done so far, we have carried out energetic measurements and experiments for their modernization, and we have realized the presence of the invention that has a plasma body with a diameter of 6 m and indigo-violet color, counteract the effects of arable degradation of water fuels, Qi decrease in dwellings due to pollution. The physical and sacred symbolic elements cover the entire spectrum of colors in the quantum microuniverse, with the passive oscillation element. magnetic, wide-spectrum, precious metals, complex link elements. The reduction of the obtained fuel is between 20 – 40% It is produced in medium series. Applied on dozens of boilers and machines.

30. Early earthquake warning installation and procedure

C.B.J.A / 01320 / 06.12.2011 OSIM

The invention has 5 claims. The idea came from the anticipated sensitivity of humans and animals to earthquakes, tsunamis, human sensitivity is 10%, animals are 30%, 70% difference is to be found, it is in the environment and vegetation. There are trees with green aura, so 3 steps higher than modern man who is on average red. Three years before the major natural disasters, those trees begin to change their aura, sebum resistance and molecular crystallization, and the color and density of negative ions in the environment are changing. By measuring a-to-long it is possible to determine the intensity and the expected date of the earthquake. These parameters, reaching almost 0 before the earthquake, reinstalling to the initial values ​​10-12 months after the earthquake, science did not suspect this parametric dependence and seismology has not yet armed with these elements.

31. Portable Early Warning of Earthquakes

The device has a pyramidal coil for maximum sensitivity to subtle information in the environment, the coils are with a special multicomponent liquid according to the invention, which changes its structure to emotions and subtle information, the instrument used is high precision with 5 decimals, adapted and modified by the inventor.

32. Composition for quantum amplification

It is known that the planet’s Qi vital planetary has dropped by more than 50% due to electromagnetic pollution, first of all it has risen to 900 million, 400 million times and radioactive pollution, it destroys the subatomic particles in the environment with action direct aura of human, animal, vegetation. The invention has been created to counteract the pollution action. The invention includes positive oscillator elements over 30 GHz, noble metals, combined semiconductor elements, various oxides and fasteners, in total 20 components in resonance concentrations. Determining the elements and the resonance concentrations, the inventor has established them by energy-engineering measurements using their own technique and with the latest resonant field imaging equipment (air ion-counter, etc.). the invention has been made in the form of granules, octograms, films. On-site tests and confirmed by legalized documents from companies that accepted the tests and submitted to OSIM. On the 80-hectare field, I made a Feng Shui arrangement with these elements, raised the vibration from the gray aura to the indigo aura, the animal husbandry had an increase of 30%, the mechanical aggregates did not get damaged before, every day had problems. We distributed 200 g of granules according to the invention in sheep, approx. 1 Ha and in the gutters, all the sick sheep have healed in 3 days. Their aura was brown, after distributing granules in their environment, aura became indigo. Tests in progress at the National Nuclear Institute, the composition has the ability to reduce radioactivity in the environment, containers with radioactive waste, etc.

33. Modular magnetic hose

Practical. Multicompozit-quantum-magnetic.

Testing in apiculture-irrigation with this hose ensures soil moisture is kept for 3 days, compared with only 1 day with classic irrigation. Methane tests – reduce consumption by 10-30% on 7 Mw boilers, also reduce by 80% the pollution with subtle elements in the basket, from the gray becomes violet. On a 1000 cp engine. from the generator group decreased consumption by 26% and exhaust fumes (40 cm diameter) disappeared. There were even 45% reductions in cars (in Bucharest), the reductions depend on the vibration of the area (explaining the phenomenon of the invention of magnetic building materials). The tests continue at the Institute of Petrochemistry under the auspices of A.N.C.S.