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Bioenergetic rebalancing in entropy states using the Davidoni Quantum Pyramid and the Octograma multicompozit

Bioenergetic rebalancing in entropy states at the level of organism, tissue, cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nitrogenous bases, mitochondria, using the Davidoni Quantum Pyramid and the Davidoni Therapeutic Octagon, both in direct and remote contact.

Study on wheat fertilization with Davidoni magnetic fertilizer (2015-2016)

The aim of this study is to test the influence of Davidoni magnetic fertilizer on wheat variety Boema. The experiment was established in the fall of 2015 at the Moara Domnească didactic farm, Ilfov county, a farm belonging to the Belciugatele Didactic and Experimental Station within the University of Agronomic…

The octogram raises the energy vibration and the aura at the level of the purple color – confirmation of independent US cabinet

“Knowing the human body field is dynamic, our bodies are light be-ingscreated in the image of God. God is light / photons, and likewise, we are created and fearfully and wonderfully made, as the author of Psalms portrays. May God receive the glory, honor and praise for technologies that support…