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Magnetic Insoles – Leather  ®

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  • 168 lei/pair
  • Warranty: 24 months.
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Effects & applications

Magnetic insoles increase energy defense system, strengthen immune system, increase Human energy quantum and relaxes the body by energizing the reflexogenic centers on the sole.

  • Observation note
  • Observation note


  • Available numbers: between 36-42.
  • Composition: Magnetic insoles contain two layers of natural leather or natural leather carcass enclosing a magnetic foil of 6 to 7 cm in width with special crystalline magnetic elements that work in a wide spectrum of frequencies capable of stimulating the cosmic particles that pass through the human body, about 1 billion / hour of 1,000 frequency ranges.
  • Patent Invention no.: 123069 din 26.11.2004
  • Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Trademark)
  • This product is not a medical device or a medicine! It does not treat or cure diseases! It does not replace the medicines prescribed by the doctor or his instructions. This product, according to the Patent, acts on human energy fields. The use of this product, due to the special ingredients in the composition, ensures the harmonization of energy fields generating a state of well-being. The patenting of this product proves that it is above the world technical stage for this field. This product belongs to the Wellness Products class!

Product description

The magnetic elements in the insole composition have the ability to reduce radioactivity around the body by 40%. Three groups of semiprecious stones, high-resonance special oxides, noble metals (gold, silver) are inserted into the inner magnetic foil, which have the ability to stimulate energy circulation through the energy meridians, which leads to the increase of the aura or the energy field.


  • Magnetic insoles are in slippers in 2-3 rounds of 15-20 minutes a day.

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Customer Reviews

  •    Anca M.Cluj-NapocaAbout these products I read in the Fire of Life magazine, in a Sunday afternoon. Then I looked a little on the net and thought I’d probably order one or two products. I loved the idea of ​​destroying wi-fi radiation. Interestingly, whenever I thought about products – I felt love. I never had such a thing with some objects. Later I studied them and when I ordered them I thought I found the best combination, the amplifier, the belt and the mask. I was delighted to have received the radar screen for my cell phone and started using it. I put the mask one minute in my face (in my office when I received the parcel), I held her hand until a colleague read the cover and felt nothing. After another minute, my nose began to run, out of the blue I was not cold, but my nose was clogged like a cold. I think my sins have been cleansed. Then everything went back to normal. At home, I installed the quantum amplifier , as instructed on the gas pipe at the power plant, the batteries, and the middle of the house on the northern wall. Then I put my belt and lying in bed to see what I feel. Directly a state of well-being (happiness in me, love is equivalent to receiving energy), instant relaxation after a meditation (which I do not really do). I felt a pleasant warmth on the entire upper body, I had a feeling of reset. Then I put my mask again, feeling happiness, relief and energy all over the body. I have not tried to see what I feel, I just put them when I felt fatigued and they were doing their effect. Then I decided that I also had to have a personal octagon , which I do not want to share with me anymore. Of course I was not paying a courier only for the octagon and I asked for the insoles. With my insoles I have lost any tiredness or rheumatism when I put them. I can not say about gas consumption yet. The octagons of the amplifier have changed the water quality of the taps. The water must be filtered. With octagons – it no longer needs to be filtered, no longer smells / bad taste, it’s like fountain water. I’m waiting for my wrinkles now. Kidding. I use products when I feel the need, not 3 times 15 minutes. Maybe more or less. I’m not exaggerating. I like the products because it helps the energy to circulate, energize me, instantly relax, get fatigue and everything I have said above, and I think I will have other surprises. With great admiration, Anca M.
  •    ing. D.M.BucureștiI bought a mask, a quantum amplifier and some insoles from the Tesla Invent fair. I can say that I felt immediate effects on all three products. The Amplifier I have not yet mounted a car, but just feel the changes in the aura and the change of energy flow through the meridians when they keep almost the components. As a result, I want to buy from you for me and your relatives. We noticed the reduction in fatigue wearing the octagons in the quantum amplifier, a slight stimulation of the acupuncture points at the face level through the mask stimulation that brings little stimulation of the meridians in a Reiki session, but there are significant differences both sides. Also, AC octogons in the pocket create a relaxing feeling, sprain at the base of the spine, a sign of stimulation of the Governor meridian and the root chakra. After a while, energy spreads throughout the body, feeling a relief / relaxation effect in tensioned, stressed areas, etc., of an infusion of prana and transmutation. I also noticed an immediate effect quite intensely when an octagon is placed on the main chakras. Both in the use of the mask (over 20-30 minutes), but especially of the AC octospons, I noticed a stimulation of the lust for life (the feeling of “fluttering” to express myself more plastic). Last but not least, I would like to congratulate you on your work and the quality of the products! I wish you all the best!
  •    Cristea I.MontréalMr. Ciprian Davidoni, “Young lady,” last year, I felt how I gradually lost control of my feet because of the aggravation of diabetes. Massages, medication, insignificant results. Neuropathy, more and more accentuated and difficult to bear. Perhaps due to age, there have been other manifestations such as sciatic pain even pain in the sacral area. My walking has become difficult and harder to bear until … Lucky by nature, I found you in the show of Mr. General E. Strainu and I remembered that last year I have Octagram, Injuries and Mask. I found them in a safe place on the bedside. I remember well that I “experienced” them but I do not remember why I put them in the drawer. Immediately I started to “treat” with the octagon put on my chest, over maieu and with great surprise I woke up that after two days the pains disappeared, I can go without losing my balance even 20 minutes on the street. Today in the morning after I reread your correspondence with you we put insoles into slippers and I totally forgot about … It’s past 20 o’clock and I feel like I’m burning my soles longer, I do not have my feet numb and the heat goes up to the knee, a phenomenon that causes me to write to you.
  •    F. Mateescu BucureștiI recommend Magnetic Beams – Davidoni to those who are standing or having problems with peripheral circulation. I had cold feet all the time and my toes numb. I wear them daily at home and I have no problems. I didn’t think I’d ever give up socks.
  •    Doina C.BucureștiI am an elderly person with medical problems, and 3 years ago I heard from you about a friend and your inventions. Then I bought Magnetic Insoles from you. And today I use them with the same extraordinary effects. When I put them in my slippers and wear them, my legs and whole body warm up, and my condition becomes calmer. Thank you for existing and for thinking of doing good to people!February 2021
  •    Alexandra M.BucureștiI received God’s gifts! Just holding the envelope in my arms I had a moment of great emotion but also of greater gratitude. The red crown (Quantum Banner) brought me a state of calm and peace upon placing it on my head. Putting my feet on the insoles I instantly started to feel a gentle vibration through my soles. Then I lay on the bed with the spine on the magnetic belt, until I can take the ladder to expand my waist. But what surprised me in a very cool way is that when I went to pick up the girl from kindergarten I put the Quantic Banderola on my head under the headscarf, and at the meeting with my daughter’s teacher I witnessed for the first time a decent discussion (up close For 3 years she just hangs out at my place, it becomes impossible to talk to you, only reproaches and negative things, let everything be as she wants, her principles should be above the integrity of the child, etc.) – today in the afternoon the surprise was that she spoke to me more controlled and more tempered, as if something was holding her back, I just said to observe what was happening, so wow! I have no words to thank you for these wonderful gifts. Divine blessings!2023
  •    C. TeodorAradI have been using Magnetic Insoles and Magnetic Belt for over 6 years with great results. I also want to try the Quantum Pyramid. I also want to renew products from past years. May God reward you and give you strength to be able to do good to people. Gratitude for your father! God Help!2023