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Magnetic Octograma Multicompozit – Energy Protector  ®

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  • Warranty: 2 years.
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Effects & applications

The Magnetic Octograma Multicompozit is ideal for harmonizing human energy, water and food.

Octograma Multicompozit – violet: “it is very useful for harmonious, elevated, responsible communication with others! Support our qualitative integration in the social and family environment! This elevation of conscious perception is clear!”

Tests and results

  • At the trees, by irrigating with magnetic water octagonal (its application in the vicinity) increased the aura and the defense system and the caterpillars disappeared.
  • The food is kept better and tastes natural.
  • Drinking and cooking water – by placing the octagram under the water bowl, the molecular crystallization becomes hexagonal (as it was in 1900) to the round, chaotic crystallisation as it is now. The aura of one liter of water from the sink is now 15-20 cm red. Magnetic octagon has 200 cm and blue-indigo color.
  • In animals – the case of a sheep lot brought from Nine Zeenlanda. They could not adapt to the environment, I put the octagram in the water chute and in 3 days – absolutely all the sheep were healed. The aura of water and the environment was brown-red, after applying the octagon, the water had indigo aura. An improvement in milk taste has been observed and increased milk / sheep.
  • On calves that are water-fed, they have an increase of over 20% / season. (Company acknowledged.)
  • In humans, by wearing the octogram of the present invention, an increase in energy was observed 6 times in 10 minutes, and the benefit is 140%. The average human aura becomes blue-indigo, from red – initially. Prophylactically used, increases the resistance of man to effort.
  • Study
  • Observation note

The octogram raises the energy vibration and the aura at the level of the purple color – confirmation of independent US cabinet

Aura Octograma

“Knowing the human body field is dynamic, our bodies are light be-ingscreated in the image of God. God is light / photons, and likewise, we are created and fearfully and wonderfully made, as the author of Psalms portrays. May God receive the glory, honor and praise for technologies that support human wellness, agriculture and sustainability with green initiatives to enhance our best life for decades to come.”

Read more in the PDF below.

Bioenergetic rebalancing in entropy states using the Davidoni Quantum Pyramid and the Octograma Multicompozit

Bioenergetic rebalancing in entropy states at the level of organism, tissue, cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nitrogenous bases, mitochondria, using the Davidoni Quantum Pyramid and the Octograma Multicompozit, both in direct and remote contact …

Read more in the PDF below.


  • Dimensions: Diameter: 7cm; weight: 6gr
  • Composition: Magnetic elements with superior properties and broad spectrum of frequencies, semiprecious stones, oscillation amplification elements, special oxides, natural elements of filtration and neutralization of cosmic and electromagnetic radiation, silver, gold. In the composition, resonance elements were used for each color range of the entire spectrum of light: red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple.
  • Multicomponent magnetic octagon capacity: aura size – 4m; color aura – indigo-violet.
  • Patent Invention no.: 127498
  • Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Trademark)
  • This product is not a medical device or a medicine! It does not treat or cure diseases! It does not replace the medicines prescribed by the doctor or his instructions. This product, according to the Patent, acts on human energy fields. The use of this product, due to the special ingredients in the composition, ensures the harmonization of energy fields generating a state of well-being. The patenting of this product proves that it is above the world technical stage for this field. This product belongs to the Wellness Products class!

Product description

Environmental situation. Because of the global pollution, QI vital planetary has fallen by over 50%, and the planet’s magnetic field has also fallen by 50% in the last century, leading to alarming changes to everything on Earth’s surface – man, fauna, vegetation. In humans there was a reduction in the plasma body from 100-150cm in the 1900s, at 25-30cm in 2000, the color of the aura was green-bluish, the current average aura is red. This phenomenon has led to the appearance of many unknown diseases in the past, and their evolution is galloping, including young people.

Newborn babies mostly have a red aura with a size of 25-30cm. 20-30 years ago had indigo-violet aura, and size 100-200cm, requiring medical treatments from the first days of life. The situation has been presented in several national and international TV shows as an alarm signal. In animals, unexpected diseases and low resistance were observed in animals. Their aura is half that of a few decades ago. Fruits have seen a decrease in their mineral concentration and aura.

Pollution sources: electromagnetic – 40% (increased 400 million times compared to 1900); fossil fuels – 25%; nuclear – 20%; psychiatric and psychotropic – 12%; volcanoes, fires – 3%.

Inventor of the multicomponent magnetic octagon has performed environmental measurements of energy, aura and negative ion density in more than 60 locations (cities, villages) across the country, using field imaging equipment, Air Ion Counter, radionavigation and measurement specific to major areas of the Earth.

Pollution is different from one area to another and the incidence of disease in the population is higher in areas with low negative ion concentration and low (red) vibration plasma. In areas with high negative ion concentration and green color in green, the average life is 7-10 years older. Concentrations of negative ions are between 10-1300 i.u./cm3 of air and the color between red and violet-white.

The invention has been created to counteract these effects, being the fruit of more than 20 years of research and experimentation in the field of information energy, until an ideal formula of components is established.


  • Store in wallet, purse or pocket.
  • For food: place in the place of storage.
  • Pentru apa de băut: se pune vasul cu apă de băut pe octogramă.
  • For computers and TVs it is applied to the bottom of the screen.

We’re proud of

Customer Reviews

  •    Gheorghe B. Râșca – MoldovițaI have already placed several orders on your site. Now I want to order Magnetic Fertilizer. I’ve seen a lot of people write to you about your products, and so do I. I have had coxarthrosis and since using the Magnetic Mask from you the situation has changed. I have no pain and I move somewhere else. I also use the Octograms I have from you. It really works. Thank you!martie 2020
  •    Mariana M. BuzăuIt’s already too late, but I can’t go to bed without sending you this message. I had forgotten to tell you that before I ordered the Multicomposite Octogram I spoke to a friend in Iași of you and she also bought a Magneto-Quantum Pyramid this week. About my octogram what to tell you. The first day I put my abdomen to see what I was feeling. I had some problems with the intimate parts. After a few minutes I felt a cold but bitter garlic inside. I stayed that way for about 20 minutes. Then I took it down and paused for an hour to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence. I put it on again and felt the same. In the evening I put my Octogram under my pillow and I sleep so well, my breathing barely feels, and my body feels very light. For 2 days my granddaughter of 3 years in the morning comes to sleep with me when her parents go to work and she was sleeping deeply and simply had to go back to her to see if she was breathing, I did not feel I did this 3 times . So what I felt on my body is happening to her. Everything works very well but I don’t leave until I buy my entire Davidoni product collection. Thank you very much for being a treasure to us !!! 2019
  •    Zoia L. BucureștiWe have already tested your products. I put under the Octogram a message with the message to calm my stomach and to cure it because I had burns. The water in the glass has small luminous crystals in various forms: crosses, hearts, triangles and other forms. Thank you very much!martie 2020
  •    Silviu E. BucureștiI come back to you with a new order for the Quantum Pyramid and the Multicomposite Octogram. I have done some very interesting experiments with your Octogram and I am very pleased with the results. Multicomposite octogram amplifies the effects of self-suggestion. Interesting. I put in the foil that comes with the Octogram from you, a note that I wrote: “I, Silviu, I have a very good memory” “or” I, Silviu, I have a strong immune system. “I put the Octogram together with the ball in the foil and over I put a glass of water and left for a few minutes, after which I drank the respective water. After a few days I did measurements with a high performance biorezoning device with these measuring parameters, and the effects were extraordinary. Indications that show intelligence and the level of health have increased dramatically. I will continue to experiment and communicate the results.
  •    Isabela F. Cluj-NapocaDear sir. Davidoni, your products are great! I now received the order from you. When I took the Multicomposite Octogram in my hand, I felt warmth all over my body. Probably most of your customers and we practice more energy and energy collection techniques and we have reached the level of being able to sense and perceive these energies, and your products emit fantastic energy. Thank you!February 2020
  •    Cosmin D. BucureștiI promised to send feedback on your products. I ordered 2 octograms and a pyramid . The effect I felt at the quantum octagon is protective against the electromagnetic radiation I felt most in the office. At work we have WiFi, many computers in the office, noise and radiation produced by machines. Sometimes we go home with headaches and fatigue. From the first days of use, headaches and some of the fatigue have disappeared. I first used the pyramid in the car and now I’m waiting for the effect in the house. I noticed that when I used it in the car, flocks of birds flew overhead. I was recommended these products by Delia D. from Timisoara who radically measured the benefit of these products. Recently I returned from a trip from Bosnia (Medugorje) and on my return visited the tunnels and pyramids in Visoko. There were some technical information similar to those on your site related to the pyramids. In the tunnel there are megalithic ceramic blocks with emission. I searched for a piece of that material that was sent to Mr. Davidoni for analysis, but could not find it. Maybe next time I’m more lucky.
  •    Daniela D. București (Facebook)Today I received the products ( pyramid, octogram, and 2 screens ) and already have been feeling the extraordinary effects for several hours. By this time, after 8 hours of work I was already very tired, I was effectively dragging myself towards the house, my legs ached, I went up the 3 floors with a break on each floor. Now I feel that even as I could take it back, energized and lively, I climbed the stairs as if I were 15! The pain in my legs has simply disappeared and I no longer have swollen feet. I’m in the house with the windows closed but it looks like oxygenated air (probably from ionization). In the first half hour, my ears were ringing with subtle sounds as if I was meditating for a few hours. I feel that the technical review, as if the whole body was rattling, is regenerating. I have a good feeling as if I am now on leave (given the fact that last week I worked 15 hours a day because I replaced my colleague). I wonder if this feels after only a few hours of use what wonders await me (?) !!! I am very excited and I can hardly wait to structure my water, to even pamper my apartment plants, to see how my mother’s diseases (high blood pressure and diabetes) evolve, because the pyramid will be with her all the time. I am glad that my daughter will have the screen, because any young man today is sleeping with his phone near his head! Thank God you exist! May God give you health and a long life full of happiness and prosperity, good and wonderful people! You deserve all the best! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  •    Florescu M. București (Facebook)3 weeks ago I bought a mask and an octogram . I keep them in the living room most of the time. On the windowsill I have a pot with a violet. During this period it never blooms because the air conditioning that works non-stop is somehow harmful to it. Besides, I only have 2 pots, one with an ornamental plant and this violet because there is absolutely nothing during the summer due to the air, all die. The violet is resistant but does not bloom and the leaves rise as if they would like air. I do not say that the sun does not have it because the aluminum blinds never lift them. Still it is full of flowers and I am sorry I cannot post a picture because the system does not allow. The only explanation is these devices from Mr. Davidoni. Thank you for having no hope in this world without hope!
  •    Ester B.(Facebook)I notice something interesting. I wear a high performance sports watch (Garmin Fenix 5) that has sensors and monitors stress levels among others. Since the Multicast Octagon at your stress level has dropped incredibly. They send you the print screen to see the day before you receive the Octagram from you and one day after I put it in my pocket and go running. Thank you!
  •    Eduard B.CaliforniaAfter a serious accident, Davidovic’s Octagram has helped me heal in a record time. Doctors here were surprised by this. God help us carry on the work of Mr. Davidoni.
  •    Mariana N.We also use the octogram last summer. I put it in a painful place, and my pain is over, no matter if it’s the middle or the head. When we leave home, each one takes his octagon with him. One month ago, my orthograph was not to be found. I shivered the whole house, my pockets, my bag. Nothing. So I ordered one before, just before the holidays. Meanwhile, the spell that had disappeared reappeared as magic in the purse. What to do now with the new one? I immediately found use of it: she is a friend of the kitchen bottles with the bread they do on two days, and if I put the ortogram under it or on it, it grows out of water! Thank you, Mr. Davidoni, to keep God healthy!
  •    Claudiu V.HunedoaraI use the octogram and magnetic fertilizer . Very satisfied. I strongly recommend you!
  •    Sanda C.BucureștiToday we got a link to something that everyone should give us. We can no longer ignore the negative impact of technology on our health knowledge and correct information are essential today. Fortunately, there are various effective electromagnetic protection variants that we can use to reduce the harmfulness of mobile phones and computers. I have recently discovered the extraordinary products of Romanian inventor Ioan Davidoni, a Man and a Romanian of great value! I recommend you read at least the benefits of using the multicomponent magnetic octagon and the anti-radiation screen . I use them for months to harmonize water and protect against electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone and I am absolutely delighted with the positive effects I have seen (a high vitality, the taste of the water is better, the phone is not hotter in talk time and I have a more restful sleep although I’m sleeping with the phone beside the bed as an alarm clock). Thanks and congratulations, Mr. Davidoni, for these great products!
  •    Elena B.PiteștiI have mask and octogram for a month. They are absolutely fantastic, with visible results on the spot. I would not give up the mask for anything !!! It has improved my breathing (I’m smoker). The lungs insist the most. It has improved my blood circulation, I have a fabulous energy. Thanks for this mega product!
  •    Cosmin S.BucureștiI’m impressed by the Quantum Amplifier ! I mounted it on my car with startup problems, and now it starts at the quarter key. No more gas at all. I tested it on the long road and driving fatigue disappeared. Interesting. I’m already on the third order on your site. The Multicast Octagon port and my overall status has changed completely. I’m quieter. Thank you!
  •    Dan A.BucureștiThank you very much. I wish you well and successful in activity, and other orders will follow in the near future on my part. PS: From my previous daily command to octogram . Before, in public transport we felt a lot of discomfort and an unpleasant kind of strenuous energy pressure. Now they have gradually diminished, and the state is calm, relaxed, detached from harmful electromagnetic smog, of which the vast majority of people are unconscious and to whom many contribute with diligence through excessive and often useless use of devices .
  •    Cristina T.BucureștiI want to thank you! After many years my mother told me she slept how she did not do it for many years! And that’s when we bought Magnetic Energy Mask and the Multicompact Octagon for her! I am very pleased with the products purchased from you! I will recommend you!
  •    Anca M.Cluj-NapocaAbout these products I read in the Fire of Life magazine, in a Sunday afternoon. Then I looked a little on the net and thought I’d probably order one or two products. I loved the idea of ​​destroying wi-fi radiation. Interestingly, whenever I thought about products – I felt love. I never had such a thing with some objects. Later I studied them and when I ordered them I thought I found the best combination, the amplifier, the belt and the mask. I was delighted to have received the radar screen for my cell phone and started using it. I put the mask one minute in my face (in my office when I received the parcel), I held her hand until a colleague read the cover and felt nothing. After another minute, my nose began to run, out of the blue I was not cold, but my nose was clogged like a cold. I think my sins have been cleansed. Then everything went back to normal. At home, I installed the quantum amplifier , as instructed on the gas pipe at the power plant, the batteries, and the middle of the house on the northern wall. Then I put my belt and lying in bed to see what I feel. Directly a state of well-being (happiness in me, love is equivalent to receiving energy), instant relaxation after a meditation (which I do not really do). I felt a pleasant warmth on the entire upper body, I had a feeling of reset. Then I put my mask again, feeling happiness, relief and energy all over the body. I have not tried to see what I feel, I just put them when I felt fatigued and they were doing their effect. Then I decided that I also had to have a personal octagon , which I do not want to share with me anymore. Of course I was not paying a courier only for the octagon and I asked for the insoles. With my insoles I have lost any tiredness or rheumatism when I put them. I can not say about gas consumption yet. The octagons of the amplifier have changed the water quality of the taps. The water must be filtered. With octagons – it no longer needs to be filtered, no longer smells / bad taste, it’s like fountain water. I’m waiting for my wrinkles now. Kidding. I use products when I feel the need, not 3 times 15 minutes. Maybe more or less. I’m not exaggerating. I like the products because it helps the energy to circulate, energize me, instantly relax, get fatigue and everything I have said above, and I think I will have other surprises. With great admiration, Anca M.
  •    Florentina A.AradI found you sure at the right time (nothing is happening, I know that) through the radio station – Timisoara, one morning in April 2016. From the moment I heard with my husband about you, I they were convinced that everything you do is beneficial and, in fact, what we are looking for without knowing it … We already have the energizing mask, magnetic octagons, magnetic fertilizer for plants, and the anti-radar screen. mobile phones. Thank God for the gift He made to us through you, and I wish you strength, health and gratitude so that we can continue to work for our good for all!
  •    D.M.BucureștiMy grandmother (over 80 years old) put the octagon on the liver (had hepatitis in his youth) and felt a very strong hotness on first use. So when he put his belt around his belt. I noticed from the very beginning that if I put a belt on each leg on the top and lay flat horizontally face-up the main meridians there are activated almost immediately and the energy begins to flow through them. Another use of belts is placing on the Little Circle Celest 2 belts stuck with hedgehogs (one in the extension of the other) a.i. to cover the entire median area of ​​the trunk + head, both on the face and on the back. It often feels how the Little Celest Circuit is fully activated. It is known that when activating this circuit starts regenerating the body. Very useful and effective belts for those who want to mechanically apply this stuff and do not know qigong exercises or other techniques! And even if you know the techniques, it takes a while for you to activate the Little or the Great Circle for the first time, and you become conscious. All the best!
  •    C. MihaiThank you for everything you do for us, I and your husband always carry to us the “octagon” we call the magic shield that works wonders. I can hardly wait to get the pyramid too. Thank you once again and we want your health and God to brighten your way, as you do with us!
  •    Cristea I.MontréalMr. Ciprian Davidoni, “Young lady,” last year, I felt how I gradually lost control of my feet because of the aggravation of diabetes. Massages, medication, insignificant results. Neuropathy, more and more accentuated and difficult to bear. Perhaps due to age, there have been other manifestations such as sciatic pain even pain in the sacral area. My walking has become difficult and harder to bear until … Lucky by nature, I found you in the show of Mr. General E. Strainu and I remembered that last year I have Octagram, Injuries and Mask. I found them in a safe place on the bedside. I remember well that I “experienced” them but I do not remember why I put them in the drawer. Immediately I started to “treat” with the octagon put on my chest, over maieu and with great surprise I woke up that after two days the pains disappeared, I can go without losing my balance even 20 minutes on the street. Today in the morning after I reread your correspondence with you we put insoles into slippers and I totally forgot about … It’s past 20 o’clock and I feel like I’m burning my soles longer, I do not have my feet numb and the heat goes up to the knee, a phenomenon that causes me to write to you.
  •    Aurelia S. FacebookI ordered several Davidoni products, Magnetic Belt, Energizing Magnetic Mask, Multicomposite Octogram . They are miraculous! I warmly recommend them! Respect for inventors!
  •    Marius I. AlbaAfter using the Multicomposite Octogram and the Phone Screen , I got rid of a severe allergy to dust, animal hair, exhaust fumes, stress, certain foods. I held it for several tens of minutes in the area of the solar plexus hanging from a rope around my neck. I can confirm that miracles exist. And it bears the Davidoni brand. Thousands of thanks to the inventors and best wishes for a long life.July 2020
  •    Ioan B. BucureștiI understand that the Pyramid and the Octogram must be kept in the sun for 30 minutes. Did they come loaded or do we have to put them in the sun now? And I wanted to ask you if, when we apply the Octogram on certain areas of the body, it needs to be removed from the foil or it should be applied with foil? Thank you! Ciprian Davidoni answers:The octogram can be used permanently in the protective foil. Products do not need to be loaded. The composition in them does all the energetic work. They can be kept in the Sun once a year for purification. Not for charging. Due to the quartz and crystals in the composition, the products can be purified periodically, kept in the sun’s rays. April 2020
  •    Y. Ana FacebookI’ve been using the Multicomposite Octogram and the Quantum Pyramid for almost 2 weeks. Amazing effects appeared from the very first days of use. Thanks!2020
  •    IRINA B. București Dear Mr. Davidoni, Thank you very much for existing and for creating these wonderful products. My family and I are very excited about the effects and results seen in a few days of wearing your products. My daughter had a onset of rhinitis, and now a few days after using Magnetic Mask , she simply it no longer needs drops. He also uses it with beneficial results on his stomach when it is a certain period of the month. The big surprise was related to the Multicomposite Octogram which, since our boy saw it, is no longer separated from it. He sleeps with her under the pillow at night and is always in his pocket during the day. I saw that he also keeps the Octogram on his belly. Since using the products, both children sleep easier in the evening. Now we want the Quantum Pyramid to energize and harmonize our home. I think the Golden one is what we want. Thank you! God Help! September 2021
  •    Andreea F. Thank you very much for your work. I bought and used the belt, the purple octogram and the green and gold pyramids . The results are far beyond expectations, and I have barely used them for two days. I simply feel reborn, purified, regenerated, exalted, I constantly feel an intense state of love and longing for the Good God. I appreciate your efforts and thank you for making these products available. May God protect you and give you only good! 21.03.2021
  •    Dan T. BucureștiI want to tell you that the first effect of the Octogram on me is that I almost completely lost the pain I had in my shoulder joints.
  •    Mariana M. FacebookAnd I am very, very happy with all the products I bought from you. Especially Quantum Pyramid and Multicomposite Octogram , I don’t part with them, and the others are very good and with immediate effects. . We truly thank the Davidoni family and especially Mr. Ioan Davidoni for his inventions that are extremely beneficial for our health. We wish you good health and we are waiting for other products!
  •    Zoia L. BucureștiI did an experiment. I put Octogram Multicomposite under a glass of water and under Octogram I put a note with a message to soothe my stomach pain, because I had burns. Interesting effect.2021
  •    Adrian O. MediasWe have a dull and constant pain in the eyes. That’s why I made my own glasses. But the pain did not go away. I received the 2 Octograma Multicompozit from you on Monday. Until yesterday I kept the Octogram in my pocket all day and in the evening I put it on my eyes. My eyes don’t hurt anymore. Thank you so much for this wonderful invention!2021
  •    Andreea K.SibiuMr. Ciprian, yesterday I received the miracle package and we were very happy!! I am sure that with the help of God (into whose hands we often forget to abandon ourselves) and these wonderful products of yours (which I love) and of course with a lot of patience and goodwill, the desired effects will appear in time. Thank you once again for this life lesson you gave me that I want to take as a birthday gift to my friends and not just an Octogram. It is a blessed gift. This is what I intend to do in the future because you have inspired me. I wish you health and if I don’t mind I will write what results we will have. I respect and appreciate you and every time I tend to isolate myself I will think about how open you and Mr. Ioan are to the world and how sea-minded you are in every way. Thank you!!! Your wonderful gesture is a life lesson for me, it is a lesson of delimitation from all points of view, I know that we humans have forgotten that Creation and its resources are infinite. But, luckily, God doesn’t let us forget the essentials, sending us messengers like the Davidoni Family, who help center us in our soul and bring us back to life… it’s as if I somehow got back on track, I reconnected with my soul, thanks to the connection subtle with you… I appreciate you and thank you!!! I don’t know if I deserve so many gifts, but I’m definitely learning to carry on these gestures, be they material or of the order of the soul… Mr. Davidoni, I want to share with you my experience with the products you so generously donated to us and which we received with much love, benefiting from their effects daily. For example, for me, it is very important that that tamasic energy has dissolved, gaining energy as if in everything I do. The relations between us have become more harmonious, with small exceptions (we still haven’t learned to overcome our ego very well, but we are trying…) The harvest is amazing, everything is green, tasty, in abundance. We have a very fruitful corner of the garden! I want to thank you once again for everything!! Know that I highly recommend your products and I’m glad that there are people who resonate with them and buy some of them. Thank you very much and we are grateful for the good you have done for us! You are one of God’s messengers on Earth and we thank Him for coming our way with His help!! 2023
  •    Mihaela M.RomâniaI want to thank you infinitely! Today I received the order with a silver pyramid and an octogram. I received them after I went to the Fundeni Hospital – where I regularly go for check-ups. I had the octogram (the one I ordered before) with me! It was phenomenal! I wasn’t tired at all, I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t hungry, even though I had blood drawn. I have no words! Thank you from all my heart!!!2023
  •    Cornelia T. Cluj NapocaThank you for the magneto quantum products. I received them on 5/5/2023, I was excited, I have ordered Davidoni products before, they are wonderful. Now, I took out the DESTIN book and I was amazed by the cover, I looked at it for a few seconds, then I took out the small octogram for the phone, put it on the back of the phone and left it on bed (I opened the package on the sofa, to have more space, to be able to look at them and admire them). Looking at the phone, I suddenly felt that it was very far from me and very small. I remembered what your father said in an interview that it forms like an umbilical (energy) cord between us and the phone and other devices. Big truth. I felt detached from the phone. It still feels far away and very small, even when I hold it in my hand. Next came Quantum Banner, the queen of Davidoni products, I put it on my head and immediately I felt a flow of energy going throughout my body, towards my feet, I calmed down, I was breathing longer, then the energy was moving up and down. Octograms I know what effect they have, I lost the first one I ordered, I have the second one, I keep it with me almost all the time, now I want to use two, as you explained in an interview. Thank you so much, you and dad, for all you do, I am grateful. I wish you health, all the best, success in everything you do.2023
  •    Ionescu V. BucureștiI have received the octograms and thank you very much for your promptness in responding to my requests to send them to me as soon as possible! I bought several products from you and because I found that they are extraordinary I gave them to my loved ones and I was left without octogram, which I became addicted to! I wish you good health for the whole family and may God fulfill all your wishes! 2023