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Magneto-Quantum Pyramid  ®

Magneto-Quantum Pyramid
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid
Magneto-Quantum Pyramid - interior
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  • 460 lei/piece
  • Warranty: 2 years. Return guarantee 30 days.
  • The shipping is done with payment on delivery. It takes 3 to 4 days to process an order. For this product the transportation is FREE! This offer is valid only on Romanian territory.
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Effects & applications

The magneto-quantum pyramid can reduce the electrosmog in the enclosures; can reduce radioactive harmonics; provides Qi energy in homes; harmonizes the emotional plane of the human being; ascends the vibrational level of man from the red aura to the blue-indigo, from 30 cm to 4 m; balances the being and protects it from harmful-polluted environments; it generates states of well-being and tranquility; generates high frequencies for humans; regenerates DNA, nucleus, chromosomes, cortex, including from 10 m distance and restructures in hexagonal network water, including from 10 m (for this purpose clinical trials were performed in Cluj-Napoca 2019); it draws energy into the environment within a radius of 200 m.

In the casing of the Quantum Pyramid are inserted noble metals, gold, silver and aluminum in optimum resonance concentration. Inside the pyramid are introduced quantized granules magnetized to saturation regime. B.I. 128502 – the granules have 25% barium hexahysterite, 25%, 25% SiO2-quartz, 5% aluminum, 45% PVC, and based on the pyramid is fixed B.I. 127498 covering the entire spectrum of red-violet light for energy amplification.

Infoenergetic measurements made by biotherapists, by specific methods and with specialized equipment

Quantum pyramid – blue-green-diamond: “it is a vibrational masterpiece! It expands consciousness into pure white and undifferentiated light by increasing the vibrational frequency of the heart until in the upward movement the heart is absorbed in the height of the Godhead! Elevates and purifies the mind, energizes the purest vibration of our soul! It is accessible to those with a pure heart and not passionate about materialism or gross pleasures! Congratulations Mr. Davidoni! Once again God has led you to more !!!”

Quantum pyramid – silver-gray: it feels like a landmark, balance between all! It quickly harmonizes the emotional plane and facilitates the centering of the heart and generating a pure state of happiness! It balances the being and protects it in the face of what leads us to imbalance! It should be kept close and suitable for continuous use!

Quantum pyramid – turquoise-green: is deeply stabilizing, has a rapid impact of balancing polluted, heavy, destabilized environments! It favors the recovery of the intoxicated, it helps the liver in detoxification, the nervous system in oppressive environments! Very useful in the regeneration of the organs and systems of the system! It is suitable for daily use in polluted, oppressive, and periodic environments for detoxification and to support the regeneration of the liver especially!

Quantum pyramid – gold: has an effect of octave rise, stabilization of the environment at a higher level of vibration and elevation! Useful in spiritual work, meditation, purifying and resetting the subconscious, generating high frequencies and stabilizing the media on those frequencies! Regular use is recommended to facilitate the elevation and inner alchemy of the being!

Bioenergetic rebalancing in entropy states using the Davidoni Quantum Pyramid and the Octograma Multicompozit

Bioenergetic rebalancing in entropy states at the level of organism, tissue, cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nitrogenous bases, mitochondria, using the Davidoni Quantum Pyramid and the Octograma Multicompozit, both in direct and remote contact …

Read more in the PDF below.


  • Dimensions: 4.5 cm base and 4.5 cm side.
  • Weight: 21.5 grams.
  • Careful! Keep out of reach of children!
  • Made by S.C. Davidoni – Invent SRL Davidoni – Magnetic Products (Registered Trademark)
  • This product is not a medical device or a medicine! It does not treat or cure diseases! It does not replace the medicines prescribed by the doctor or his instructions. This product, as described in CBI – OSIM, acts on human energy fields. The use of this product, due to the special ingredients in the composition, ensures the harmonization of energy fields generating a state of well-being.

Product description

Radioactive, electromagnetic pollution, c.c. fossil, psychotronic, unprecedented on Earth, has led to some famous statements – US President Mr. Obama: “We are the first and only civilization on Earth to have observed serious climate changes on Earth and can do anything to save the planet.” . The natives of the USA, in a letter to the governments of the big countries: “You, the industrialized civilization, what you did with the Planet, that the waters are no longer blue, are black”. 20-30 years ago the water had a 3-4 m blue aura, and now it has a 15 cm brown aura, except for only certain mountain springs. Scientists studying wildlife in Yellowstone Park US: “Something happened to the Planet, wild animals make unknown diseases, they also have no resistance to flight like 30-50 years ago.”

Yes, it is! With over 50 years experience in Tibetan and Shaolin Martial Science and Initiative Techniques, through courses with the great masters of the Far East and with hundreds of innovations, inventions and other technical works carried out in the industry and beyond, I had the impulse to look for unbalanced energy parameters from humans and the environment and find the concrete solution. Some of the graphics discovered were accepted and patented by OSIM.

Here’s what I found! After Chernobyl, Fukusima, electromagnetic pollution from 1900 to the present has increased 10 billion times, with 80% increased in the last 20-25 years, psychotronic actions have multiplied on Earth, climate-controlled changes have occurred. have led to the reduction of the layers of Auras-Plasmatic Body in humans, fauna, vegetation and water. From 27 layers of Aurora that are related to the 27 Multilevel Existences in the Universe, to 2-7 layers, in the Northern Hemisphere there are 2-5 layers, and in the Southern Hemisphere 5-7 layers. Only the natives of Australia, Amazon, the USA and initiations through systematically practiced techniques manage to reach 20-24, less rarely at 27 layers of gold.

Layers are important! As an example, part of the anticancer protection information is in layer 13, and for rheumatism in layer 15. The modification of the molecular crystallization of water, due to pollution, has led to the formation of round crystals in chaotic arrangement, which has led to a reduction 90% water hydration of human cells, fauna and vegetation. All cells have micro gates in the honeycomb-like hexagonal network through which water and other nutrients can enter the cells. Almost 70% of the population has low energy.

A first solution to these situations is the magneto-quantum Davidoni inventions. These are patented and studied by several research institutes in Romania and the US, as well as by many biotherapists. Also, Davidoni’s magneto-quantum inventions have been analyzed and awarded at many Invention Shows in Romania and around the world.

These quantum inventions (products) restore the 27 layers of human and plant auras, restore Qi to 100%, restructure water at the hexagonal network level, and hydration to humans, fauna, plants and soil reaches 100%.

Some statements regarding Davidoni’s quantum inventions

Prof.Univ.Dr. Traian S., Iași 2018, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza„The inventor and researcher of the unseen, academician Ioan Davidoni, harnessing an exceptional competence of the clairvoyants of former times in the extrasensory reception of the surrounding reality, amplified the grace of his native intuition with the cognitive performances of a technology he designed himself, to have access to knowledge. still insufficiently accessible to the modern man, in this unconventional way, acquiring relatively accurate information about the evolution of the Cosmos and Earth, about the ignored technological history, of man of some time, Ioan Davidoni transformed them into emergent inventions that – doubtless – could not work if the premises were false. Davidoni is the Strong Core in Quantum, on Earth.”

Rado M., President of the Academy of Inventors and Scientists of Serbia„The inventions of Inventor Academician Ioan Davidoni from Romania are Strategic for Humanity and the Planet and no government in the world can afford not to apply them urgently, not over 100 years old, they will enter the PLANETARY MEDICINE PROGRAM presented by his reign of International Organizations Profile, and we will implement them as urgently as possible for our people (Novi Sad 19.12.2018).”

Different types of pyramids from different materials (bronze, brass, etc.) are known, but they do not work by quantum amplification and do not cover the entire vibration spectrum of the human aura, respectively the 7 colors of the aura.

Magneto-quantum pyramid

Ioan Davidoni and the Quantum Pyramid

The magneto-quantum pyramid, according to the claimed invention, increases the energy field as the range – over 200 m, covers the entire light spectrum – respectively the color purple. The Qi energy quantum exceeds 400 million quantum units, these values lead to the reduction of the electrosmog by 100%, of the radioactive harmonics by 100%, the energy of the environment becomes 100%, and the aura of the operator becomes blue-indigo with a dimension of 5-6 m, and the network Hexagonal molecular crystallization of water extends up to 400 m, water being a powerful quantum amplifier.

The magneto-quantum pyramid solves this problem by being composed of a solid body, which has noble metals, gold, silver and aluminum granules inserted, on the scale against the Keops pyramid, with the rigorous corrections for the current Earth-Pyramid vibration on Earth, approx. 2000 large and small pyramids were made by a higher civilization, in order to raise the Earth’s vibration for doubling its energy and for doubling human life. Until the pyramids, human life on Earth did not exceed 30-35 years, not even animals. As an example in the case of elephants – all the skeletons found were not older than 30-35 years, or they are now living 60-70 years – an elucidation made by Davidoni and accepted by the major international publications and institutes.

A pyramid of solid gold, silver, etc. it has no high energy value, high energy value is obtained by quantum amplification, respectively by the use of ingredients with natural energetic nativity, but in optimal resonance concentrations. This is achieved through experiments and many initial measurements, accurate weighing and step-by-step measurements in both info-energy and specialized equipment.

The aim of obtaining a vibrational diameter as large as possible is to collect as much yang energy – cosmic electrons from thousands of frequency ranges -1 billion / m2 – with intelligent information from the Cosmic Soul, which are intelligent looking for harmony.

That’s why the Qi energy on Earth is so different. Measured with special equipment, Qi is between 1 and 900 MHz, in harmonious places the color of the Pran or negative ions are violet, the frequency 800-900 MHz and the density 1000 i.n./cm2. And where the frequency is 20-30 MHz, dark red, the concentration of Prana or the negative ions (according to the manuals – Cosmic Healing, Tao and Longevity) is 5-10 i. N./cm3. In such areas or localities 70% of the population suffers from various diseases over time (35-60 years).

I measured energy with special equipment over 60 cities and reached exact conclusions. For example, in the North of Moldova the Qi is 100%, the aura of the people is purple – 10 m. The longevity depends on the color and size of the aura. In the area we found 1400 i.n./cm3.


  • It can be worn in your pocket or purse all the time.
  • It can be stored in homes or offices, computer, refrigerator, etc.
  • It is placed in the center of the house, on the North axis.
  • It can be used on the machine to remove the electrosmog generated by electronic components.
  • Can be used on tap for drinking water, bath, irrigation.
  • The use time is unlimited.

We’re proud of

  • Diploma and gold medal obtained at the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations Traian Vuia 2019, for the invention of the quantum pyramid.
  • Diploma and Gold Medal - Nikola Tesla obtained at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Moscow, March 2021.
  • Diploma and Gold Medal - Archimedes obtained at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Moscow, March 2021.
  • Diploma and Gold Medal obtained at the Salon of Inventions in Limassol - Cyprus 2021, for the invention of the Quantum Pyramid.
  • Diploma and Gold Medal obtained at the Salon of Inventions in Limassol - Cyprus 2023, for the inventions Quantum Pyramid and Quantum Banderola.

Customer Reviews

  •    Popa M. BucureștiDle. Davidoni, suntem încântați de produsele dv.! Le avem pe toate. Tata folosește Centura Magnetică în fiecare zi. O pune peste tot. Inclusiv pe genunchi. Înfășoară Centura peste genunchi și se simte foarte bine. Piramida Magneto Cuantică o avem încă de la început. Este exraordinară. Acum am mai comandat o bucată pentru a face cadou duhovnicului care se roagă pentru familia noastră. De cum a avut-o în mâna a spus că o simte foarte benefică. Am vrut să vă spun acest lucru. Vă mulțumim frumos pentru tot! Dumnezeu să vă aibă în paza Lui!martie 2020
  •    Marilena F. FacebookI want to show you how I use Magnetic Fertilizer from you for water. I stuck granule bags on a large jar. And I bought a transparent hose and put granules in it and spiraled over the jar. Maybe everyone does and has energized water. I’m sending you a picture so you can show other people. I want to tell you that Pyramid and other products have started working. For some years I could only sleep with tea, and now I have 3 weeks since I no longer take sleeping teas. To me this is clear evidence. I have a good condition, even if it lasts until I get to perfect. What has been disturbed in decades I cannot claim to recover in a few days. These devices are wonderful. I didn’t think it would be this way. Even my puppy seemed to be rejuvenated. Thank you and wish you a wonderful day! October 2019
  •    Daniel M. SuceavaI’m at your third order on your site. I am very pleased and very pleased with your products. Quantum Pyramid I use it in the car for reduced consumption. But my driving status is different. I don’t get tired so easily when driving long distances. My dad is really excited about Magnetic Fertilizer . Now I have ordered the Quantum Amplifier set. Thank you very much! March 2020
  •    Eva F. CareiFirst of all, I want to thank those above who allowed this wonderful soul to enter the Dimension, being Mr. Ioan Davidoni, for our knowledge, fulfillment and manifestation otherwise than we all knew was meant to live here. The gifts that come to us through the Blessing of the Holy Trinity are “magic”. His spiritual guides always paved the way for him to a deep and essential knowledge. The gifts he acquired did not make him another man, on the contrary. His soul is too full of kindness. I appreciate that he chose not only to keep the information for him but from his love for his fellow citizens he also gives us. I personally first bought the Quantum Pyramid , which, since that day, I have not separated, wherever I go with me, is my bodyguard, who I know where I walk harmony and radiant health on the 3 planes: physical, mental and soul. I have miraculous testimonies from my loved ones, when I allowed them to simply hold them in my hand or I placed them on the body in areas of interest to remedy the situation.
  •    Vasilica D. BucureștiMay the Lord give you health and work force! I already have almost all your products including Pyramid , and my health has improved dramatically since I discovered and use your products. Now I want to order the Magnetic Mask. I want you to have a workforce and thank you for being there and for dedicating your life and work to doing people good! 25 February 2020
  •    Flutur S. SuceavaI bought more products from you Quantum Pyramid is great! It has a very beneficial effect when it is in our house. And Magnetic Fertilizer had an unexpected effect. I received from an neighbor an exotic plant that never bloomed on it, and I put some granules of Magnetic Fertilizer and it made a very beautiful flower. Thank you very much!December 10, 2019
  •    Elena M. BuzăuI thank you from the bottom of my heart! To me the pyramid still has an extraordinary effect in the Tetheva therapies that I practice. Sincerely congratulations and have wonderful holidays with your loved ones!December 2019
  •    Elena M. BuzăuI use Quantum Pyramid which is wonderful and with which I finally feel the true taste of the water. Congratulate!December 2, 2019
  •    Mariana N. BucureștiThank you very much, I received today the pyramid ! Lately, I was dragging myself to do the housework because for a while I was bad with energy, I was no longer in trouble. Today I went to the market, and when I returned my husband told me that the pyramid had arrived. Do you think I made 3 dishes in an hour and a half? For me it is very good, usually if I did the market I would not have the urge to stand in the kitchen! And on top of that I have an excellent mood, you say I am on vacation at the sea! So, thousands of thanks, may God bless you every moment of your life, that you have done us great good!February 2020
  •    Rodica B. SalontaI got the magneto-quantum pyramid . Now I feel calmer and I’m glad I have it. To my mistakes and fears, you answered with condescension. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Bless you! With gratitude!February 2020
  •    Rodica S. BucureștiSir. Davidoni comes back with an order to you. The products you invented are extraordinary. Almost all the products of the last time I gave a gift to my children. The Quantum Pyramid is amazing. Thank you for being there and helping us have a better life!
  •    Cosmin D. BucureștiI promised to send feedback on your products. I ordered 2 octograms and a pyramid . The effect I felt at the quantum octagon is protective against the electromagnetic radiation I felt most in the office. At work we have WiFi, many computers in the office, noise and radiation produced by machines. Sometimes we go home with headaches and fatigue. From the first days of use, headaches and some of the fatigue have disappeared. I first used the pyramid in the car and now I’m waiting for the effect in the house. I noticed that when I used it in the car, flocks of birds flew overhead. I was recommended these products by Delia D. from Timisoara who radically measured the benefit of these products. Recently I returned from a trip from Bosnia (Medugorje) and on my return visited the tunnels and pyramids in Visoko. There were some technical information similar to those on your site related to the pyramids. In the tunnel there are megalithic ceramic blocks with emission. I searched for a piece of that material that was sent to Mr. Davidoni for analysis, but could not find it. Maybe next time I’m more lucky.
  •    Daniela D. București (Facebook)Today I received the products ( pyramid, octogram, and 2 screens ) and already have been feeling the extraordinary effects for several hours. By this time, after 8 hours of work I was already very tired, I was effectively dragging myself towards the house, my legs ached, I went up the 3 floors with a break on each floor. Now I feel that even as I could take it back, energized and lively, I climbed the stairs as if I were 15! The pain in my legs has simply disappeared and I no longer have swollen feet. I’m in the house with the windows closed but it looks like oxygenated air (probably from ionization). In the first half hour, my ears were ringing with subtle sounds as if I was meditating for a few hours. I feel that the technical review, as if the whole body was rattling, is regenerating. I have a good feeling as if I am now on leave (given the fact that last week I worked 15 hours a day because I replaced my colleague). I wonder if this feels after only a few hours of use what wonders await me (?) !!! I am very excited and I can hardly wait to structure my water, to even pamper my apartment plants, to see how my mother’s diseases (high blood pressure and diabetes) evolve, because the pyramid will be with her all the time. I am glad that my daughter will have the screen, because any young man today is sleeping with his phone near his head! Thank God you exist! May God give you health and a long life full of happiness and prosperity, good and wonderful people! You deserve all the best! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  •    Sorin A. IașiRespect and respect for the Davidoni team! We warmly recommend all the quantum products invented by Mr. Davidoni. Some time ago, I did not see myself writing such a review, but, after the practical experiences of my boy and his wife, I became a Davidoni fan! The boy has an allergy to gluten and E’s and to ambrosia and other pollen and has been aided by the Magnetic Mask (applied on both face and abdomen). The wife, from 8-10 cm (huge) diameter of a knot in her breast, in 3 months of use of Magnetic Bra , now has 3-4 cm (and this without other treatments, only predominantly vegetarian diet ). Personally I have also used Antistress insoles with remarkable results in stimulating the microcirculation in the legs but also in the whole body, including the general energetic and mental state. The latest acquisition is also the strongest – Quantum Pyramid – which made its presence felt even when it was in its box. Thanks for the innovations and efforts of Davidoni team!
  •    Schumann E. GermaniaMister. Davidoni, thank you for the pyramids, I am extraordinarily beneficial, I bought 2 pieces, today I promised the package, 10 minutes later I felt an excellent condition. Thousands of thanks, maximum health and wish you all the projects. God help. Greetings to your father, he is the Creator’s choice!
  •    I. Daniela BucureștiI recommend with all openness the products, they are wonderful, I have used them since they appeared on the market, first a long time ago I took the anti-radiation screen, then I took one by one almost all the products, and today I received the quantum magneto pyramid, which is fantastic, I felt it from 50 meters, when I was going to pick it up from the courier. It has a fantastic light and vibration for humans and beyond. I have even seen what colors are around her, and the state you feel when you are near her, is calm, peace, quiet, love … in a word it works to your well being, raising the frequency. Congratulations!
  •    S. Matei BucureștiYou deserve to be on the biggest stage in the world. Congratulations on the absolutely brilliant work you do!
  •    D. Florin BucureștiThe products are extraordinary !!! Thanks for everything!
  •    K. Florin GermaniaMr. Davidoni, thank you very much for the energy pyramids. One I held and two I gave to my friend. He was very happy. Last night I put it on the table and felt a (metallic) and cold air from the chest up. Positive (good). I wish you health and strength!
  •    Bogdan F. SloboziaWe bought the pyramid and we are very pleased the whole family. A harmony has settled between us. Thank you very much. God bless you! You are a wonderful family.
  •    Corneliu P. BuzăuI recently purchased a quantum pyramid and thank you. Both I and my acquaintances especially feel how the energy level is improved, harmonized.
  •    Ioan B. BucureștiI understand that the Pyramid and the Octogram must be kept in the sun for 30 minutes. Did they come loaded or do we have to put them in the sun now? And I wanted to ask you if, when we apply the Octogram on certain areas of the body, it needs to be removed from the foil or it should be applied with foil? Thank you! Ciprian Davidoni answers:The octogram can be used permanently in the protective foil. Products do not need to be loaded. The composition in them does all the energetic work. They can be kept in the Sun once a year for purification. Not for charging. Due to the quartz and crystals in the composition, the products can be purified periodically, kept in the sun’s rays. April 2020
  •    L. Stan BucureștiI’m writing to share my experiences with your products. A connection has been created between me and the pyramid from the very first moment. After picking her up from the courier, as we went up the stairs, I told her how excited I was that she arrived and immediately an inner voice said to me: Yes, but you didn’t pay me! I redid the calculations and, indeed, I had given the courier less than 100 lei. For the first two days I felt it very strongly, then I think the energies harmonized and the aura stabilized. I’m really curious how it was before and how it is now. The most intense sensations I have are inner peace and mental clarity. No matter how much meditation and healing in meditation I did before, I did not get this result. I also have radiation screens, quantum amplifier, octogram, insoles and fertilizer from you. After the pyramid, we saw the most visible results in fertilizer . It’s something incredible, before I couldn’t have houseplants and now I grow as much as Handsome Boy, in a month as in 7. I saw on Facebook a recording of a show with Mr. Davidoni, in which he expresses his sadness about the fact that there are people who dispute these things. In my opinion, it should not be, because a saved soul can save, in turn, another 300 souls. At least that’s what I learned in the meditations I do. In this sense, his contribution is much greater than seen. Also, a person who is born with certain limitations remains so. Unfortunately, there are too many people who think that if they can’t see something with their physical eyes, it means that they don’t exist or, I think, that they created themselves or are arrogant enough to believe that we are alone in space. And the list goes on. Since we knew the results of your products, I recommend them to all those who need and have open channels to receive such help. Speaking of channels, I was impressed when I heard from Mr. Dvidoni that the percentage of open channels with the Divinity can be measured. May God give you health and strength!2020
  •    Monica B. Oxford – UKI am very pleased to confirm that I received your package yesterday. I even recommended my mother in Austria to buy at least the Quantum Pyramid . I want to tell you that I felt the effects immediately, I was much calmer, lucid, more efficient, I achieved my spiritual practice effortlessly and with remarkable results. I am very grateful for your father’s inventions and thank you both from the bottom of my heart.2020
  •    Y. Ana FacebookI’ve been using the Multicomposite Octogram and the Quantum Pyramid for almost 2 weeks. Amazing effects appeared from the very first days of use. Thanks!2020
  •    Alexandra S. Brașov The pyramids have arrived today. Thank you very much for them and for the gift! They are very strong, I did not expect.April 2021
  •    Corina O. After about 1 year of using the mask , I got rid of the goiter (in the neck area) and allergic rhinitis is easily manifested compared to years of suffering. The back belt had an immediate effect in relieving back pain. My father had reduced night outings to the toilet (beginning of the prostate) in about 1 week of use. Following the use of modules in the bra cup and in the umbilical area, the menstrual cycle was balanced as well as the specific pains. Magnetic fertilizer , a spectacular invention is a living miracle of plants, gardens and trees. Plants began to bloom that for 2 years only produced leaves. I spread quantum fertilizer around the yard, among the flowers, the vegetable garden, around the fruit trees and they are in the testing phase (recent acquisition). As for the pyramid , I use it in meditation and prayer. I had some intense dreams, I feel very good in her presence and I carry her with me when I am among people. Our thanks are too poor to express gratitude to your father, and I have chosen to write this email with the conviction that the effort and time allotted to all inventions is a huge benefit to God’s entire creation. 2021
  •    Andreea F. Thank you very much for your work. I bought and used the belt, the purple octogram and the green and gold pyramids . The results are far beyond expectations, and I have barely used them for two days. I simply feel reborn, purified, regenerated, exalted, I constantly feel an intense state of love and longing for the Good God. I appreciate your efforts and thank you for making these products available. May God protect you and give you only good! 21.03.2021
  •    Lavinia P. I received the book today, and I can’t let it go. It is fascinating what is around us and we can not see with the naked eye, but even more fascinating is that among us is a man like Mr. Davidoni. It is a gift of God for the Earth and for Romania and, I am sure, it was not by chance that he was allowed to come to this country, this being an earth loved by God. Regarding the Banderola I recently purchased, I want to tell you that in the first Theta meditation in which I wore it, when I accessed the state of Theta, my therapist said that she was amazed by the light it emanates. Banderola and that he had never seen such a strong and beautiful light before. I use it with the Golden Pyramid to create light portals in order to bring light entities to me and to help low-vibration ones, if any, to leave. My energy has increased a lot and I have a clear and clear mind. I think I’m fine with the aura now, I’m sure it’s at least blue. The main purpose for which I purchased Banderola is to learn and memorize for a difficult exam. Seeing different exercises in the book, I came up with the idea to ask you if there is such a one for memorization. Sure, only if you can answer me and I hope I didn’t bother with this question. PS: Your fertilizer has made my vegetables the envy of everyone this year. The neighbors didn’t even have flowers with them and I already had the fruits in full development. Thank you and I wish you a wonderful day. 2021
  •    Mirela Hong KongI received all the pyramids . Thank you very much Ciprian. For three weeks I had almost permanent pain of varying intensity in my knees and generally in my legs. Sometimes I could barely flex my legs without being affected by the pain. Sometimes he would reach a clear 8 and I was afraid I would need help getting up. About an hour after I received the pyramids, I realized that the pain was completely gone. My legs are normal again … I’ve been using products for years to create a shield against electromagnetism, from Wave Rider, to Tachyon, to shungite elites, to pyramids based on Wilhelm Reich’s technology, to music containing various protective frequencies, etc. but lately I think they have already implemented 5G and I fall asleep with big problems and in general the body is more and more upset. I kept thinking about Harald Thiers’ tower these days until I realized I had read somewhere about the Davidoni pyramids. Thank you again. All friends will find out about my experience. We need something like that for everyone. Imperative. I just wanted to add that I will be looking at other products these days. 2021
  •    Mariana M. FacebookAnd I am very, very happy with all the products I bought from you. Especially Quantum Pyramid and Multicomposite Octogram , I don’t part with them, and the others are very good and with immediate effects. . We truly thank the Davidoni family and especially Mr. Ioan Davidoni for his inventions that are extremely beneficial for our health. We wish you good health and we are waiting for other products!
  •    Iosefina I.BucureștiI’ve been using the two products for several months, especially The Quantum Pyramid I carry it in my pocket all the time because it makes me feel good. My energy is much better. I resonated very well with Davidoni products. Thank you Mr. Davidoni Sr. for choosing to create these great products for mankind and thank you Mr. Davidoni Jr. for his commitment to ensure that the products reach those they are intended for.2023
  •    Moise M.ItaliaFANTASTICI!!!!!! I will buy these items one by one because they all work. Yesterday I held a Davidoni pyramid in my hand and I can tell you that I felt the energy of this pyramid deeply. Congratulations to this family and I wish you to bring as many items to the market as possible!2023