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Quantum Banner – Quantum Cellular Regenerator – Brain Reconnecter – natural leather  ®

Quantum Banner - Quantum Cellular Regenerator
Quantum Banner - Quantum Cellular Regenerator
Quantum Banner - Study
  • 618 lei/piece
  • Warranty: 2 years.
  • The shipping is done with payment on delivery. It takes 3 to 4 days to process an order. For this product the transportation is FREE! This offer is valid only on Romanian territory.
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Effects & applications

In a few minutes he restored the 27 layers of Aura to the level of the 27 Multilevel Existences of the Universe, until the 1960s man had these 27 layers of Aura.

Reduces Electrosmog accumulated by years of exposure, erases negative emotional information accumulated during life, ensures the harmony of the human Microcosm with the Macrocosm, ensures the loading and regeneration of cells with energy, peace of mind is installed and breathing becomes deep, oxygenating cells, remove carbon dioxide from the blood, ensure a state of serenity and inner and harmonious peace, bring entities of Light to man, increase human spirituality.

Biotherapist Filip Z. Romania: “The quantum banner has the ability to attract light entities and increase human spirituality”.


  • Quantum armband dimensions: width: 2cm, length: 65cm.
  • Quantum foil: 14 ingredients, leather interior – 1.5cm.
  • Ingredients: Three groups of precious and semi-precious stones, three groups of special oxides (titanium, zinc, magnesium), three groups of noble metals, three groups of special elements, Qi resonators Cosmic, magnetic and paramagnetic elements, a total of 14 ingredients. All in optimal resonance concentrations with each other and with respect to human cells and the active elements in the environment -Prana- negative ions, etc. established by approx. 1.2 million initiation measurements in over 30 years of assiduous research at the level of passion and planetary consciousness. The atom being the love for the CREATOR and MAN.
  • It has an aura with a diameter of 50m, 27 layers of aura, it includes all 7 colors of aura of the light spectrum, the outer layer is purple-lavender.
  • This invention does not diagnose or replace physician recommendations!
  • Products by S.C. Davidoni-Invent SRL
  • Inventor: Academician Davidoni Ioan

Product description

Environmental situation. Achieving an unprecedented level of pollution on EARTH – 10 billion times the increase in electromagnetic pollution compared to the initial level in 1900 AD, reducing the number of layers of human aura and fauna from 27 layers to 4-7 layers due to EMG pollution, but also radioactive (Chernobyl, Fukushima), radioactive waste containers dumped in the oceans, through currents reaching negative information all over the planet, nuclear experiments, etc., led to the emergence of new diseases not only in humans, but also in animals and vegetation. The planet with everything on it is suffering and often demands its rights through plagues and pandemics. R. Steiner: “Any disturbance of the planetary anomaly by man, leads to the revenge of the Planet on us through plagues …”

To meet them, each of us must do something to protect our House – EARTH.

This quantum cell regenerator is also a special invention.

Some information from insiders

Initiated counselor in a higher department in the USA: The composition of quantum products made by the inventor Ioan Davidoni from Romania is of extraterrestrial origin .

Initiate Margaret R.V.C. from the USA: This light photographed around the quantum products made by Davidoni from Romania proves that the Pyramid and the Cunat Banner for the head are Light Generators. They are based on an Extraterrestrial technology – 17.03.2021

Photographer C.D. of these images: The fields generated by the Quantum Pyramid and the Quantum Banner – Brain Reconecter made by Davidoni are so strong and large that the products can no longer be seen in the photo of the light generated by them – 28.02.2021

Initiate M.Marcan – Sidney, Australia: A trained man, helped by Davidoni products can summon PORTAL-type Energies, studying the images on the Portal it can be said that “Beings of Light Beautiful and peaceful cosmics “come to visit us. They are “” alive “” with a Complex and “Durable” Matter that can take any shape and size, color and brightness levels, Aura and Travel Directions in a split second, rapid changes in structure at the atomic level . (This is amazing for us humans and our understanding of such physics.)

“It’s a sensitive living matter” that goes far beyond our current understanding of physics.

Entities visiting fields generated by Davidoni Products are not limited by space, time, size or shape. They can appear as small as the size of a lemon and then change shape to the size of a car. They have no limitations in their ability to change – 30.04.2021.

Initiate M.Marcan – Sidney, Australia – who is a pioneer in the Paranormal field in the world, who has done extensive studies on the ORBS Phenomenon – with these Plasma Globes and Entities that are Emissaries Cosmics attracted by Light and Energy Harmony generated by Davidoni Quantum Products in Romania. The spirits that manifest in the ORBS Phenomenon are the manifestation of Entities that can take any form at the physical level of the atom. The light generated by Davidoni Products in Romania is a High Vibration Wave called Entities from High Vibration Spheres.

Dr. R. Drexller Global Climate Advocate in the MALTAESE PRIORITY, initiated and empowered by the Forums Superior to implement the application of Davidoni products in the fields corresponding to the presented technology: These multicolored images around Davidoni products are halogram images of some Sensitive Entities small ones that have visibly appeared inside the opening of this beautiful and unusual energy field generated by these products … – 06.03.2021 USA

Paraph Expert – Nebraska, USA – author of photos on the effect of Davidoni Products on humans: We used the EIS SCAN to be the fastest way to check the effect on humans. .. – 20.03.2021. EIS scanning is based on bioimpedance.

Initiated T.Ioviță – California, USA – 15.04.2021

I, Teodor Ioviță, the representative of Davidoni products in the USA, received the news of an extremely successful experiment (unforeseen for the purpose for which these products were made) performed by Dr. Mark Gustafson in a clinic in Nebraska. Quantum Bander – Davidoni Quantum Cell Regenerator was applied to the head of a Parkinson’s patient. An incredible phenomenon has occurred! In about 3 minutes the patient stopped shaking! I asked Dr. Mark, “How did you react anyway?” He said: “Because she stopped shaking, I started shaking. One of the nurses was left with coffee in her hand and the other with the plug in her hand for a few minutes.” The owner of the Clinic said: “Neither now nor in my next life did I expect such a thing, although inside I knew that such a thing was possible, but I did not know where it would come from!” Although all those who witnessed the experiment described the experience, the response of those around them was: “If this is true, it is the greatest medical experience of the last 100 years, it is something truly miraculous, the inventor deserves the Nobel Prize. “

The precedent once created is valid anywhere. I have already communicated the results of several doctors I work with and the experiments will start everywhere. We will now experiment in a renowned Parkinson’s clinic here in California. It was decided to experiment with video evidence. This is the only way we can prove to the whole world the genius of the great man Ioan Davidoni and his products! It’s only a matter of time from now.

I mention that Dr. Mark Gustafson has in his office a device that measures human vitality, he told me that his whole life did not exceed 20% energy, after wearing the quantum cell regenerator on his head for 2 days, energy increased to 80%. Also, for the first time in his life, he was able to run 10 miles (16 km) in over 50 years, without getting tired. He also managed 4 series of floats of 40 floats per series. – 11.04.2021

I got the news last night. A 21-year-old girl using the quantum regenerator started talking, although in all these 21 years she did not! But he only wore the regenerator for one day!

I was shocked! Dr. Mark Gustafson told me that the girl wants to call me and talk to me as proof of that! He basically wants to thank me and thank you Mr. Davidoni !!!

It’s basically an incredible fact! After the regenerator stopped the nervous tremor caused by Parkinson’s disease last week! Anyway, Dr. Mark’s voice was actually shaking. We decided to take a video interview with both people. Something natural we ask and they answer with their words. As is pure reality. We will upload everything to the Davidoni US sales site and send you this proof. Dr. Mark says, “I’m a biotherapist, a physiotherapist, a phytotherapist, but all my life I’ve never had them practice such results in patients.” He considers it an unprecedented fact in the USA.

Everything has already reached at least 100 doctors. They will use the cameras from the start to obtain this evidence and will monitor the video and even the equipment used. Basically, they know that here in the USA, the support of medical effects without evidence is strictly supervised by the FBI. Basically, we want to work with you, but in an American style, to scientifically and pertinently expose these medical cases with unprecedented results!

You managed, Mr. Davidoni, with the latest product created, Brain Reconnector, to cause a shock! We are amazed, excited, some even scared to the limit. Everything, absolutely everything I tell you will have video evidence. We failed to mobilize as we should. Why? Because on the first day the patient who used the brain reconnector stopped the nervous tremor caused by Parkinson’s disease, her 21-year-old daughter only used it for a day and started talking! It’s about Donna Gonzales. After another day the girl said: “It is a miracle to move my stiff fingers and start to feel them! What is happening now in our family is a miracle brought to our house by a man blessed by God who invented this product ! Not all our tears of happiness are enough! It’s a miracle, this product is no longer medicine, it’s much more than that! “

I called the family doctor, who also had vision problems. He sent the nurse after the product. The moment she put her brain reconnector on her head, being more cautious and under the influence of the effects already reported, the nurse made a video with the phone. In non-medical terms, the disease that the doctor had is called “spider vision” meaning that although you see around, sometimes everything is blurred, contains spots, shadows and lines. I don’t think the nurse or the doctor, starting to discuss a professional topic, expected it. Looking over a medical file and being caught talking, the doctor exclaimed: “I have clear vision!”. The nurse was stunned! Mr. Davidoni, it was a shock. Because it’s only a few minutes! Do you understand? Explain these effects to people in Romania! There are minutes, not hours, not days, not years, not an eternity! The doctor said: “This is no longer medicine, what I do is medicine! It can be quantum, it can be magic but if the effects continue, it is just pure spirituality! If there is anyone who shakes hands with this humanity with God, it is the man who made this invention! ” – 10.05.2021

Group of doctors initiated higher level from Timișoara, Romania. Dr. Carmen Pop’s technology for healing paintings.

The healing paintings made by us under the influence of the Holy Icons have an energy field of 80 m, close to your products, Mr. Davidoni – Pyramid, Brain Reconecter, octogram, the field has increased to 600 m in diameter. I found in the two people, who had products (octograms) from your very high vibration, the proof that your mission through these vibrational inventions is to raise the vibration of people and implicitly of the environment.

Dr. Vânătoru Alexandru – Initiated in Indian Ayurveda

Thank you for this product that takes care of our brains in this polluted world and which, if worn daily, not only brings us back to good mental and cognitive functionality, but also allows us to heal traumas. and it helps us access the harmony of consciousness for a more beautiful life!

We thank God for inspiring the enlightened minds of this planet to bring us closer to the immaculate and intelligent flow of Original Creation. Thank you, Mr. Davidoni, for this exceptional new invention. Be blessed! – Bucharest, 25.05.2020

Petcu-Stanculet Viorica, dowsing info energetician, Constanța

Of all Davidoni products, the quantum armband is by far the most interesting object in terms of energy and information. It acts differently depending on the degree of evolution (configured structures) of the carrier, harmonizes the cerebral hemispheres, aligns the structures, and also acts as an antenna. To what? A thorough study, research on different groups of entities is needed. Until we decipher everything this regenerator does, we enjoy the special effects it generates, we are grateful that Davidoni exists and that, due to his patriotism, we have access to these incredible inventions.

Inventor Academician Ioan Davidoni

Of the Created Whole man sees only 3%, 97% is the Eternal, Living Part, of the Created Whole, unseen by the physical eye, than in the small part of Highly Spiritualized and Initiated people.

Even though a number of devices have appeared in recent decades that can help humans measure, photograph or direct these Multilevel Existences, the knowledge rate of 97% is still very low – 20%. In 100 years it will reach 35%, in 500 years it will reach 60% and in 1000 years it will reach 80%. This percentage will never be exceeded. Man is not allowed to know the entire Multilevel Existence, consisting of 27 Existences from the Divine down.

Through powerful telescopes “incursions” were made to other solar systems, galaxies, new, super-new, among many other astronomical discoveries were found planets, satellites of the planets, asteroids, formed only of diamonds – with plasma body – green aura, gold – with plasma body – white aura, platinum – with plasma body – blue-indigo aura, silver – with plasma body – indigo-violet aura. No matter how large such a celestial body is, it only covers a range of colors in the light spectrum of the 7 basic colors: red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-purple.

To create an object that has in its structure all the 7 ranges of color in its own plasma body, in order to ensure a local harmony-2-10-100 m around the object, in order to attract the Energy from The Cosmic breath that feeds the Earth and of course everything in the Universe, is necessary to have in the composition of the object ingredients with natural energy nativity as high as possible and all ranges to be uniform in intensity, to keep in harmony the whole spectrum of light, for certain ranges even 2 ingredients must be used, which alone cannot ensure the intensity necessary for perfect harmony – measurable in the plasma body corresponding to each range. The plasma body for each range consists of subatomic particles – microlethons, toxins, biosons, leptons, krypton, neutrinos, mesons, informons, etc. As an example, from the group of mesons, the 1800th type was recently discovered, but also these subatomic particles are formed by particles not yet discovered. In the subatomic world, the speed of propagation in space is 80 million times the speed of light – is the difference between the motion of an electron in a conductor – 4m / s and the speed of propagation of electrons in a conductor – 300,000 km / sec.

From the subatomic particles were discovered approx. 30%.

Davidoni quantum products: Quantum pyramid, quantum octogram, Banderola Brain-Reconecter, etc., have a complex quantum composition, each ingredient being prepared physically, energetically and spiritually; also, each ingredient is with maximum energetic nativity, the ranges of semiprecious stones being passive and very high frequency oscillators, true spectacles of matter, other ingredients act as “grid of a triode” to stimulate the amplification of the energetic “spectacle” and the others ingredients by their purity and noble metals, are also spectacles of matter, and by establishing the optimal doses for each one, a cumulation of spectacles of matter is obtained, which leads to a state of joy of matter that enters a Hour with Information The universe and matter – man, fauna, water, vegetation – over the entire range of action-2-10-100 m, influencing and harmonizing everything in this range.

When we fly at night (or cosmonauts) we see cities lit by light bulbs, so these Entities see day and night another form of Holiday Light and Harmonization of the cracks in the Universe within the range of these Davidoni Quantum Products, definitely unique.

It is accepted by the Divine 50% to present in all Plenary the Integrity of These Gentle and Grateful Entities. They are part of Multilevel Existence 2, out of 27, they specialize in maintaining, supervising and defending Stellar Balance and Superstar. For the more than 1.2 million initial measurements in 30 years, I was helped by Entities with names described by the Great Mediums of the world, years ago. They are now present and close to the dictated products.

The clairvoyant Bety from the USA was right when she stated publicly. “The cosmos chose Davidoni to make these inventions for the harmony of man and the environment. The cosmos knows why” – January 2021

The entities present next to these products travel Hyper Luminic instantly wherever they want and know at any time what is happening anywhere. Initiates and spiritualists know what it’s all about.


  • It is applied on the head for 10-20 minutes in 2-3 rounds / day, also positive effects were observed when positioning the armband on the head with 180 °. It can also be used as a knee brace, on the hips or on the spine – the armband lying on the bed.

We’re proud of